Planet with hereditary castes by hair color. Alicorn's setting.

General information

Brief summary

Amenta is a science fiction setting by Alicorn. It consists of a planet of humanoid aliens with a caste system, in which one's caste governs which types of professions one can hold. There is an untouchable caste, the reds, who everyone is awful to. Amentans are fertile only one season of the year and strongly desire sex and babies during that time; to prevent overpopulation all governments regulate the having of children.

More detailed summary here. Worldbuilding thread here.

Amenta RP

A tumblr roleplay set in Amenta took place in 2017-2018.

If you are interested in reading the roleplay, a curated subset of posts can be found on Best of Amenta.

Glossary of Amentan terminology

Decontamination - The (pseudo-)medical process by which reds can be "cleaned" so that they are no longer polluted. In in color, this is invented by Nertel.

Hyper/hyposensitive - A person who experiences above/below average (for an Amentan) levels of disgust toward polluted things.

Spring - During the spring, almost all adult Amentans (between the ages of 4 or 5 to 20) are strongly hormonally inclined toward having sex and spending time with babies. As a verb, this is called springing.

Pollution - Contamination from reds, dead bodies, or human waste. Pollution is entirely a social construct but the typical Amentan would not agree with this (unless they're green, maybe).

Theology - The philosophical study of how to live one's life, sort of a cross between religion and self-help. Includes the philosophy of the caste system and of pollution.


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