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Bell and Sadde Eclipse continuity by Alicorn and Red

can you remember who I was

Short Leareth and Carissa continuity by lintamande and Swimmer963


The foundational glowfic continuity, by Alicorn and Kappa.


Continuity by Alicorn and Aestrix

only that which they defend

Leareths, Maitimos, and Carissas continuity by swimmer963 and lintamande

origin of the diamond queen

Karens and Celegorms continuity by apprenticebard and lintamande


Continuity by Alicorn and lintamande, with a few guest appearances


Velgarth Bell and Leareth continuity by Swimmer963 and Alicorn

Room of Requirement

Fëanorians and a Bell in Hazel (1800s Hogwarts), by Alicorn and lintamande


Cardverse Theo and Sadde continuity, by Tregiah and Red


dath ilan + Golarion continuity by Iarwain and lintamande

break my shackles to set me free

Sandboxes Cheliax (Golarion) sandboxes

Cheliax invades Iftel and Leareth gets captured Link Authors Swimmer963, lintamande Thread De...

Why would I go anywhere else?

Sandboxes Incandescence sandboxes

An Adarin lands on a sleeping Kithabel Link Authors Alicorn, Aestrix Thread Description St...

Desperate Measures

Sandboxes Osirion (Golarion) sandboxes

Sequel/offshoot from "much of the world is lawless and cruel" Link Authors apprenticebard, lin...

in spite of a nail

Sandboxes Effulgence sandboxes

Juliet (Bell) and vampire Sherlock AU meetcute, sort of Link Authors Alicorn, Kappa Thread De...

you were kind to something once

Sandboxes Fastfairy sandboxes

Catherine (Imrainai) meets fastfairy Celegorm Link Authors apprenticebard, lintamande Thread ...

some only had hearts that were brave and true

Sandboxes Fastfairy sandboxes

Moonlight Falls Karen (Imrainai) and fastfairy Celegorm Link Authors apprenticebard, lintamand...

much of the world is lawless and cruel

Sandboxes Osirion (Golarion) sandboxes

The Osirian adventuring party kidnaps Korva (Chelish Imrainai) and Zara (Chelish Ves) Link Auth...

baubles and bangles

Sandboxes Osirion (Golarion) sandboxes

Osirian Isama and Caranthir (Ismat and Merenre) Link Authors apprenticebard, lintamande Threa...


Sandboxes Osirion (Golarion) sandboxes

Osirian Rebecca and Macalaure (Rabiah and Masaharta) Link Authors apprenticebard, lintamande ...

Constant as the seasons

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Amentan Imrainai and Duane Link Authors apprenticebard, Kappa Thread Description in which we...

The multiverse is an open door

Sandboxes Incandescence sandboxes

Shell Bell lands on Edarial (Adarin from Hex) Link Authors Alicorn, Aestrix Thread Descriptio...

sink or swim

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Amentan Bell and Sadde Link Authors Alicorn, Red Thread Description pelape and sahde Stat...