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Planet with hereditary castes by hair color. Alicorn's setting.

Amentan sandboxes


Authors: Alicorn, lintamande, apprenticebard, Kappa, Evenstar, Red, MaggieoftheOwls

Alesin Aradin (st-elmo's-fire)

Sage/Nemesis Alex

Alesin Aradin is a Grey, Mika's twin, Gemini. Aradin means 'defender', and is a security job name...

Alesin Tivan (devoid-of-colour)

Sage/Nemesis Alex

Alesin Tivan: Grey, Mika's twin, separated at birth and raised by blue father and step mother wit...

Ada be Korel de Arek

MaggieoftheOwls Edie (Template)

Amentan instance of the Edie template. Ada is a Voan green who follows in her mother's footste...

Aitim Neli

lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Setting: Amenta

in color

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Fëanorian Amentans try to fix their world. Link Authors Alicorn, lintamande Thread Descriptio...

I've got a list of names

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Post in color, Amentans run into Hazel (1800s Potterverse) Link Authors Alicorn, lintamande T...

like a thief in the day

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

The Bell from Cosel (Maurabel) and her elemental friend Penumbra land on Amenta Link Authors A...

In a storm in my best dress

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Jinx and Aitim Link Authors lintamande, Evenstar Thread Description Blue Jinx annoys Feanori...

the oceans had your eyes

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Amentans and mermaids Link Authors Alicorn, MaggieoftheOwls Thread Description Amenta meets ...

cleanliness is next to godliness

Sandboxes Cascadia sandboxes

Gileadites meet Amentans in Milliways Link Authors Alicorn, westwind Thread Description Amen...

Constant as the seasons

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Amentan Imrainai and Duane Link Authors apprenticebard, Kappa Thread Description in which we...

sink or swim

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Amentan Bell and Sadde Link Authors Alicorn, Red Thread Description pelape and sahde Stat...