About Alphabet Soup (template)

Alphabet Soup (or just Soup, frequently) is an original template by Blazing Darkness.  She is based off a character from a short story Blazer wrote, but diverged significantly.  Her first instance was threaded in March 2019, and she's Blazer's most-threaded template.

Personality: Anxious and socially awkward, rooted in caring about the people around her.  Not very competent.  Occasionally ends up unusually powerful in systems where magic prowess is not based on merit.

Name attractors: Each syllable of the first name corresponds to a letter (eg, "Ariel" = "REL").  Frequently has last names which can also be other people's first names, generally pulled from someone involved in creating the music from which her screenname came.  Trans earth instances name themselves Ariel; the trans women do this before realizing they're trans, and switch to mostly going by Ari once they do.

Associated Templates:

  • Earwig: Soups are capable of alting in the role of Earwig's mother.
  • Polar: Soups are sometimes given as gifts to vampire Polars, who typically end up dating them instead of eating them.

Good introductory material: