Table of Contents (Fan-made)

This is a fan-made Table of Contents for the purposes of aiding navigation during the Bayesian Conspiracy's read-along podcast "It Makes Sense If You Understand Decision Theory" ( It should be free of spoilers, so comments and proposed edits should go to the draft on Google Docs, and this page will represent only the "finalized" entries.

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Volume I – Mad Investor Chaos and the Woman of Asmodeus

permalink Prologue Planecrash End of tag 365

Book One: Places-People-Go-When-They-Are-Dead

permalink Chapter 1 Golarion "Keltham…spent some very long minutes contemplating…[how] to have it not happen to him." 1,825
permalink Chapter 2 Equilibrium "…two one-proton atoms and one eight-proton atom" 4,370
permalink Chapter 3 Steel "'Pray'?" 2,178
permalink Chapter 4 Infinite Possibility Space

Keltham repeats six names.

Note: IMSIYUDT Week 1 ends on "And she trots off to find the priest." external link.png

permalink Chapter 5 Surface Thoughts He decides to check if he knows the answer. 4,216
permalink Interlude Environmentalized Intrinsics "People do it live at parties.)" 1,664
permalink Chapter 6 The True Meaning of Chaos "Keltham was somewhat misinformed…" 2,943
external link.png Chapter 7 Squirrel End of conversation before "The priest stands up" 2,078
external link.png Chapter 8 Presumption of Good Intentions "…and they teleport." 1,515

Book Two: Customs

external link.png Chapter 9 Syllables

"Keltham shall now attempt to explore…"

Note: IMSIYUDT Week 2 ends on "It has plumbing!" external link.png

external link.png Chapter 10 Spilled Ink "EMERGENCY […] MEETING RIGHT NOW" 3,318
external link.png Chapter 11 Common Knowledge "WHAT. WHAT IS THIS" 2,057
external link.png Chapter 12 Sources "Eventually, Keltham lies down in bed" (stop at first line of tag) 2,714
external link.png Chapter 13 Seven Keltham wakes up. 2,077
external link.png Chapter 14 Heresy End of Carissa's morning conversation. 2,467
external link.png Interlude They Never Listen End of tag. 117
external link.png Chapter 15 Board of Coordination "'STOP IGNORING URGENT REPORTS'" +1 tag 2,303
external link.png Chapter 16 Topology "Oh and also eat breakfast." (and breakfast begins) 3,048
external link.png Chapter 17 Master-Criminal-Detective "'Cheliax is Asmodeus's and Asmodeus isn't stupid.'" +1 tag 2,577
external link.png Chapter 18 Mobility "'Sure. […] if there isn't a big round stone tower around.'" 2,686
external link.png Chapter 19 Thinking Quickly "they all have good poker faces." 2,120
external link.png Chapter 20 Going Meta "if you go looking for enough tiny signs like that, you will eventually find some" 4,267

Book Three: Orientation

external link.png Chapter 21 Sense Motive "'thick erasable pens in multiple colors.'" 4,878
external link.png Chapter 22 One Equals One "Physics disasters are BAD but math disasters are SO MUCH WORSE." 2,775
external link.png Chapter 23 Faster Than Hell "'…you're not all 8 years old and that should count for something…'" (+end of tag) 5,688
external link.png Interlude Syllogism ""\h, ~ (red(h) ^ blue(h)), ~(~red(h))^(~blue(h))?" Patxi ventures?" (before "Carissa is being a bad student") 3,322
external link.png Chapter 24 Divergence "'go and speak aloud any really bad wrong answers you come up with here.'" 2,737
external link.png Interlude Building Blocks "'Second one,' the girl says." 1,649
external link.png Chapter 25 Shadows of Necessary Truths "at least not more cheaply than he could grab someone from there" 2,188
external link.png Chapter 26 Absolute and Timeless Stuff "'I expect I will have something to say on Coordination too, at some point or another.'" 4,505
external link.png Chapter 27 Keepers "Seriously? that one?"

Note: IMSIYUDT Week 5 ends on "he needs to not talk about that during lunch" external link.png


Book Four: Curriculum

external link.png Chapter 28 Lunch "'What does happen in Hell, exactly?'" 2,699
external link.png Chapter 29 Variance "'I hope you meant me to take that as a challenge.'" 2,052
external link.png Chapter 30 Variants "She turns and leaves the room again and this time actually tries studying her logic homework." 1,480
external link.png Chapter 31 Dignity, Dignity, and Dignity "same book, same language, same library, same city, same planet, or same laws of physics" 4,730
external link.png Chapter 32 A Balancing Point of Pressures "His audience is so captivated and concerned." 6,044
external link.png Chapter 33 Smallness and Irrelevance "learning things, knowing how one fact connects to so many other facts, seeing how worlds differ across planes." 767
external link.png Chapter 35 Games "They're starting to trust Keltham to know where he's going, though. They listen." 4,411
external link.png Chapter 36 Good Times "[…] a team of dedicated clerics healing them and keeping them under." +1 line (mid-tag) 3,326
external link.png Chapter 37 Diversity and Optimality Post beginning "'All right, speaking more seriously now. It's easy to tangle yourself up with paradoxes'" 3,413
external link.png Interlude 3 tags 91
external link.png Chapter 38 The Optimal Best Answer "he's going to try learning wizard spells with the last of his day." 957