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The foundational glowfic continuity, by Alicorn and Kappa.


Continuity by Alicorn and lintamande, with a few guest appearances


Planet with hereditary castes by hair color. Alicorn's setting.



Continuity by Alicorn and Aestrix

Effulgence worlds

Worlds in Effulgence, excluding those major enough to have their own book

Incandescence worlds

Worlds in Incandescence, excluding those major enough to have their own book


Near future dystopian science fiction setting where a widespread infertility crisis has lead to a...


Velgarth Bell and Leareth continuity by Swimmer963 and Alicorn


Bells and Marri-characters continuity, by Alicorn and Marri

Bluebell Flames

Hogwarts Sadde and Bell, by Alicorn and Red


Bell and Sadde Eclipse continuity by Alicorn and Red


Promise and Sadde continuity by Alicorn and Red

no cap, no gown

Scholomance students graduate into post-book-11 ASFTV, by NormalAnomaly, Alicorn, lintamande, and...

Room of Requirement

Fëanorians and a Bell in Hazel (1800s Hogwarts), by Alicorn and lintamande





Setting owned by Alicorn.


Original Settings

Promise sandboxes


Authors: Alicorn, Aestrix, andaisq, Kappa


Dungeons and Dragons

Golarion is a world originally created by Paizo as a setting for the Pathfinder table top role pl...

Isabella Marie Swan (self_composed)

Alicorn Bell

Isabella Marie Swan ✴ "Stella"

About Isama


Isama   Personality Businesswoman.   Origin Isama originally appears in in color.   Attra...

About Rebecca

Alicorn Rebecca

in color

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Fëanorian Amentans try to fix their world. Link Authors Alicorn, lintamande Thread Descriptio...

I've got a list of names

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Post in color, Amentans run into Hazel (1800s Potterverse) Link Authors Alicorn, lintamande T...

like a thief in the day

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

The Bell from Cosel (Maurabel) and her elemental friend Penumbra land on Amenta Link Authors A...

the oceans had your eyes

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Amentans and mermaids Link Authors Alicorn, MaggieoftheOwls Thread Description Amenta meets ...

cleanliness is next to godliness

Sandboxes Cascadia sandboxes

Gileadites meet Amentans in Milliways Link Authors Alicorn, westwind Thread Description Amen...

free will was a mistake

Sandboxes Cheliax (Golarion) sandboxes

Carissa lands on Kith, a world where you can create people to specification Link Authors Alico...

necessities are free

Sandboxes Cheliax (Golarion) sandboxes

Kyeo and Carissa, i.e.: if you're from Space North Korea and I'm from the land of Lawful Evil the...

Why would I go anywhere else?

Sandboxes Incandescence sandboxes

An Adarin lands on a sleeping Kithabel Link Authors Alicorn, Aestrix Thread Description St...

but hurting people is wrong

Sandboxes dath ilani sandboxes

Thellim in Eclipse Link Authors Alicorn, Iarwain Thread Description Thellim in Eclipse St...

break room repair world

Sandboxes Effulgence sandboxes

An angel Bell (Tab) is withdrawn from the breakroom vending machine Link Authors Alicorn, Magg...

wait'll i tell sally about this one

Sandboxes Effulgence sandboxes

Never (Dresden Files) Ari meets Rapunzel/Claribel in Milliways Link Authors Alicorn, andaisq ...

aesthetically displeasing

Sandboxes Effulgence sandboxes

Ari meets the admin Link Authors Alicorn, andaisq Thread Description Status: abandoned ...

choose wisely

Sandboxes Fastfairy sandboxes

Promise and fastfairies Link Authors Alicorn, lintamande Thread Description a guide to fairi...

might have beens

Sandboxes Incandescence sandboxes

Elspeth and Adarin meet in Milliways Link Authors Alicorn, Aestrix Thread Description Stat...

in a holding pattern

Sandboxes Incandescence sandboxes

Shell Bell meets Lynn (Kystle) in Milliways Link Authors Alicorn, Aestrix Thread Description ...

come to gusu

Sandboxes MDZS/The Untamed sandboxes

Eclipse Bell in MDZS Link Authors Alicorn, MaggieoftheOwls Thread Description eclipse bell i...

jealous is the night when the morning comes

Sandboxes Miscellaneous Imrainai sandboxes

Vamprainai's Ves summons Demon Cam Link Authors apprenticebard, Alicorn Thread Description s...