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A continuity containing all threads by Diaeresis, ChaosMagic, and Decima, plus some self threads ...

Wandering Stars

Anya and Sage/Nemesis main continuity


The foundational glowfic continuity, by Alicorn and Kappa.


Continuity by Alicorn and lintamande, with a few guest appearances


Continuity by Alicorn and Aestrix

Eternal Lies

This is a Call of Cthulhu campaign that has been transformed into a glowfic. The GM is westwind; ...

with the time that is given us

Sunnyverse Feanorians and Imrainai continuity by lintamande and apprenticebard

origin of the diamond queen

Karens and Celegorms continuity by apprenticebard and lintamande

if the world can't be saved, I'll save it anyway

Leareth in Arda continuity by swimmer963 and lintamande


For threads without their own continuity. Related sandboxes can be grouped into chapters.

Starlit Skies

A continuity for OTC threads between Rockeye and Evenstar.

Golden Core

MaggieoftheOwls and argona writing in gay magic ancient china

only that which they defend

Leareths, Maitimos, and Carissas continuity by swimmer963 and lintamande

Skylight Empire

Kappa/Maggie continuity


Bells and Marri-characters continuity, by Alicorn and Marri

Rapid Nova

Saddes and assorted tyrians continuity.

megacontinuity: scholomance

Many authors

no cap, no gown

Scholomance students graduate into post-book-11 ASFTV, by NormalAnomaly, Alicorn, lintamande, and...


dath ilan + Golarion continuity by Iarwain and lintamande


The Untamed bodyswap time travel. Solo continuity by st753m. Complete.

Amentan sandboxes


Authors: Alicorn, lintamande, apprenticebard, Kappa, Evenstar, Red, MaggieoftheOwls

MDZS/The Untamed sandboxes


Authors: argona, MaggieoftheOwls, SparrowSea, st753m, Alicorn, westwind, NormalAnomaly

lightning peal


This is the corner of the murder girlfriends multiverse containing the "mixed with the lightning ...

counter peal


This is the corner of the murder girlfriends multiverse containing the "counter" peal, formed ini...



Templates: Keltham, Carissa, FĂ«anorians Settings: Golarion dath ilan Prerequisites: op...

Fulmination Reading Orders


Overall reading order notes and brief thread summaries for the Fulmination threads part of the ce...