List of trial threads

what can be destroyed by the truth by lintamande, Swimmer963
started Dec 03, 2020

the sigh of the oppressed creature by westwind, Fay
wen ning's trial
started Jun 22, 2022

Scarcely the bell had ceased to toll by Nemo
started Mar 20, 2023

immortal hand or eye by extent_of_foxes
started Mar 27, 2023

Enemies Like These by QTesseract
Hell argues for Nirvana
started Mar 31, 2023

incompatible file format by extent_of_foxes, Rockeye
Karakan Stoneheart on trial
started Apr 06, 2023

in spring, anyone can make a fine meal by lalaithion
axis shows up for a trial
started Apr 11, 2023

finite and temporal crimes by Arete/Stars
Nirvana sends a representative to every trial, no matter what the defendant has done.
started Apr 13, 2023

dare we hope that all be saved by westwind
tar-baphon gets a trial
started Apr 16, 2023

nobody is damned until burning and damned by ilzolende
Griffith Young gets an afterlife trial
started Apr 17, 2023