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Anakin Skywalker (calling-my-name)

Decima Fate - Anakin (Template)

"We all do the best we can," she says, softly, not letting her blooming this is wrong and I will ...

Author Opt Ins

Info for wiki-ers

This is meant to serve as a list of authors who've opted in to having their content included on t...

About Decima


Decima is a glowfic author. Notably, she is the headmate of ChaosMagic. She made her account in J...


General information Common Concepts & Terms

A template is a sort of over-arching category for a character. Generally, a template includes a c...

The Waterfords

westwind Minor Templates

Notable Threads

Toni Stark

westwind Minor Templates

Notable Threads

April (Template)

Kappa April (Template)

Template page: April Author: Kappa Notable threads: in that great journey of the stars throu...

April (Earth instance)

Kappa April (Template)

Character page: April May Turnberry Notable threads: in that great journey of the stars throu...

Clary Fray (cæco-igni)

Anya Clary

Clarissa "Clary" Fray  cluster Fray facecast Natalie Alyn Lind setting Them...

Alakzys (abyssal-flames)

Sage/Nemesis Alex

Alakzys is a drow assassin. Technically also a sorcerer, only has cantrips. Myrurra (Jamie) is hi...



Link to Effulgence Settings: many Main templates: Bell, Joker, Sherlock, Miles General info: A...



Link to Silmaril Settings: many, including a variety of Ardas (the setting of the Silmarillion)....

Juliet Salvatore (violent-delights)

Anya Juliet

Juliet Salvatore facecast Brittany O'Grady setting Mystic Juliet Salvatore

Setting information

Dungeons and Dragons Golarion

Golarion is a world originally created by Paizo as a setting for the Pathfinder table top role pl...

Notable threads

Dungeons and Dragons Golarion

ask yourself if you could have predicted this (Sandbox) Authors: lintamande, apprenticebard ...

General information


Brief summary Amenta is a science fiction setting by Alicorn. It consists of a planet of humanoi...

Notable threads


in color (Sandbox) Authors: Alicorn, lintamande Prerequisites: none Wiki page Notes: This...

Sarah Nelson (all-that-remains)

Anya Sera

Sarah Nelson setting: Animorphsfacecast: Brittany O'Grady

Table of Contents

Glowfic guide compendium

This compendium includes: Clover's newbie-friendly reading list Contains a quick explanatio...

Real quick glowfic 101

Glowfic guide compendium Clover's newbie-friendly reading list

What is glowfic? Glowfic is a genre of webfiction! It’s a cross between a text roleplay and a co...