Anakin Skywalker (calling-my-name)

"We all do the best we can," she says, softly, not letting her blooming this is wrong and I will end it show on her face. (But it is, and she will. The future is ever in motion, after all - and so is Anakin.)


Anakin Skywalker (calling-my-name) is a glowfic character in the Anakin (Decima) template, written by Decima. She is part of the Early cluster of her template, representing prequels era Anakin Skywalker. She is a circumstance alt of canon Anakin, rather than an actual representation of him.

Anakin's personality is highly influenced by her narrative arc - which Jedi teacher she has and which love interest she has are particularly strong, there. She usually starts out fairly flippant and vicious as a child, uncaring of whether people she doesn't care about suffer, and prone to solving problems with violence first. She tends to grow in fits and starts towards a more nuanced, deeper philosophy, and usually finds herself wrestling with ideals of pacifism, universal sapient rights, freedom, and loyalty.

Anakin is the base member of the Anakin sub-template. She tends to, however, have a far stronger philosophical foundation before going into the Warlord phase (and can even outright avert it, unlike most Anakins), but she also tends to fall much farther and end up more miserable if she does hit the Warlord phase.


Cluster: Early (phase)

Setting: Star Wars (prequels era)

Other Names: Ani (rare nickname)

Facecast: Isabelle Fuhrman

Screenname Origin: the song "Vulture, Vulture" by Of Monsters and Men. All accounts in the Anakin Skywalker line have screennames from the same set of verses.


Development History

She originally was made for and introduced in the "one girl revolution" subcontinuity of Fulmination, a Star Wars rewrite by Decima and Diaeresis.

A precursor of Anakin was Ebele Agwo, an Old Republic Jedi initially created to be shipped with Darth Occlus. Both attempts to ship them failed, and it was noted that Ebele would've gotten along better with a Jedi version of Ellie. However, Ellie wouldn't be a Jedi if Sith were an option - so the idea of alting Ellie and the Decima template group into the Star Wars prequels was born. (Ironically, a post-OT version of Anakin Skywalker ended up being shipped with Occlus, bringing the template history full circle.)



Anakin is invariably a slave throughout her childhood. She's born to Shmi Skywalker, a woman from a family that's been enslaved for as long as she knows. When Anakin is a toddler, she and her mother are sold to Gardulla the Hutt, a vicious slave trader from the planet Tatooine who delights in tormenting her slaves. One relevant torment is that children she doesn't think will grow up to any other profitable use are trapped in a large 'garden' full of other such children - and starved, dangerous predators. Gardulla finds the childrens' attempts to survive amusing, and after Anakin displays an unruly personality, Anakin herself is condemned to this garden. Anakin develops the ability to hide herself in the Force and to manipulate the minds of others at a very young age, purely out of self preservation. She escapes from the garden, rejoining her mother and staying beside Shmi as Shmi's services as a domestic slave are rented out beyond Gardulla's compound. Anakin develops a plan to kill all of Tatooine's slavers - especially Gardulla - and free as many slaves as she can. This succeeds, if nothing interrupts her, and she tends to become a Jedi after her escape from Gardulla (one way or another).


Narrative Arcs

Anakin tends to struggle fairly intensely with her place in the galaxy. She's invariably immensely fond of her Jedi Master - but many of the facets of the Jedi Order chafe at her. She feels love extremely deeply, and she can end up torn between 'love' and 'duty.' Anakin also tends to struggle with questions of freedom and complicity in slavery, as well as questions of peace versus violence.

Her world, unless disrupted, proceeds through the overarching plot of the Star Wars prequels - the invasion of Naboo around the time Anakin becomes a Jedi Padawan, the outbreak of the Clone Wars, and the fall of the Republic leading to the destruction of the Jedi Order and the rise of the Empire. Anakin loathes being a soldier, especially as a general of an army she sees as composed of slaves - an army she often must lead to their deaths. She pushes hard for freedom, often finding herself pulled deeper into helplessness and fear.

Palpatine, the Sith Lord and future Emperor, throws fuel on this fire, manipulating Anakin's great capacity for love and pushing her into ever more stressful situations until she breaks, becoming Darth Vader.


Powers and Abilities

Anakin is powerful in and talented with the Force, the magic system native to the Star Wars universe. She can hide herself from others' perception rather adeptly, and this is the first real talent she learns. She has frequent visions, especially of events yet to come, and she's skilled at discerning what actions she needs to take to reach a desired outcome. She's increasingly talented in lightsaber combat, as well as other combat applications of the Force such as telekinesis and short range precognition. She can manipulate others' minds, subtly or overtly, though she dislikes doing this.

At the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Anakin discovers she has an ability not seen in a thousand years - battle meditation, a powerful talent allowing her to link thousands of minds together, dramatically enhancing the coordination and morale of a military force. As Anakin gets better at battle meditation, she becomes skilled at applying her battle precognition to the entire field, effectively granting each person she's linked to Jedi reflexes. This comes with a drawback, however - Anakin identifies very strongly with the people she links with, and she suffers mentally when many die at once.


  • Sheev Palpatine (the-senate): the Chancellor of the Republic... and future Emperor
    • Author: Decima
    • Relationship: antagonist, advisor, father
    • Notes:
      • In one girl revolution and derived continuities, Palpatine is Anakin's father
      • In Hope Itself and derived continuities, Palpatine is not Anakin's father
      • This relationship always exists and is fundamentally antagonistic
  • Elesse Vendar: a Jedi Master
    • Author: Diaeresis
    • Relationship: mentor/ teacher
    • Notes:
      • This relationship only exists in one girl revolution and derived continuities
      • Elesse is extremely important to Anakin's development from a young age
      • Anakin if not interrupted develops romantic feelings for Elesse in her late teens. However, the relationship has never (yet) become actually romantic
  • Qui-Gon Jinn (magnificent_bastard): a Jedi Master
    • Author: Rotifer
    • Relationship: mentor/ teacher
    • Notes:
      • This relationship only exists in Hope Itself and derived continuities
      • Qui Gon is an extremely strong influence on Anakin's early development, pulling her towards a more pacifistic philosophy
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (fellow-feeling): a Jedi padawan, knight, and master
    • Author: ChaosMagic
    • Relationship: friend, fellow student, mentor/ teacher
    • Notes:
      • This relationship exists to some extent in all continuities, but in one girl revolution Obi-Wan is only a distant friend
      • Obi-Wan mentors Anakin after Qui Gon's death in Hope Itself, but the relationship is often strained
  • Kelié Amidala: a Queen, a Senator, an activist... And a wife and mother
    • Author: Rotifer
    • Relationship: girlfriend/ wife
    • Notes:
      • This relationship only exists in Hope Itself and derived continuities
      • Kelié is an extremely strong influence on Anakin's later development, pulling her - like Qui Gon - towards pacifism and activism


Notable Appearances
  • one girl revolution: Ellie and Anakin in the Star Wars prequels
    • Authors: Decima and Diaeresis
    • Prerequisites: Familiarity with the Star Wars prequel movies helps
    • Warnings:
      • offscreen murder
      • past slavery
      • war
    • Notes:
      • This is Anakin's first thread.