People born on the same day of the year in Astrocracy belong to the same template. The local name for people with the same birthday is "geminis". 

Odd months mean that you are vaguely more inclined to flashy displays than diligence. People born on even-numbered days tend to be pretty normal and unambitious, and one even day is pretty similar to another. Odd-numbered days are less regular, every other odd-numbered day is less regular than that, etc. Solquinoxes (that is, people born on an equinox or solstice) tend to be the weirdest of all. The first days of even months are called seasonchanges.

Even people tend to be straight, and are socially expected to be even more straight than that, though homosexuality is tolerated when an odd person is involved.

(dates given in base 8, as locally appropriate)

New Year's/fall equinox (Unuary 01)

Template: Chevron. Kind of evil, on purpose. A bunch of them run a country. A very specific sort of trustworthy: good at coordinating with each other, including in abiding by internal rules which keep them from collectively getting banned from normal society, and are known to keep their word, though they can at times be slippery about exact phrasings. Bi. Fond of doing genetic engineering to themselves to be prettier.


  • Nicholas

Unuary 21

Template: Montparnasse


  • Ashley Wilson

Unuary 31

The least common birthday. More than half of them have a parent who is one of their geminis. In-universe book says:

Affinities: They can be really friendly and good at doing favors!
Enmities: Often greedy and untrustworthy.
Oddities: They're the least common birthday! Having one of these as a friend is a rare treat.

Difficult to cooperate with. Do unasked-for favors for people and then ask to be repaid. Back out of deals whenever they want to. Don't treat kids well (even their geminis).

Winter solstice (Triinary 01)

A reputation for mad science, both inventing things and causing catastrophes, very slightly more commonly the first. Bi.

Spring equinox (Quintamber 01)

Template: Flooded. Reputation for being good. Responsible for a lot of social change for the better. They're known to be very charismatic, eloquent speakers, and are frequently martyred as part of their activism. Particularly tyrannical rulers throughout history have been known to preemptively order babies born on that day put to death. Nearly all male. Mostly asexual and almost as aro.

  • Jesus
  • Elevation (lawyer)

Hexumber 01

Template: Boft


  • Dexter Adroit

Summer solstice (September 01)

Template: Jida. Inclined to do immoral-seeming things for the greater good, which then go wrong and the greater good does not materialize. Disproportionately likely to commit suicide. Tend to care about the poor and donate to charity. Sing pretty well but aren't really inclined to make a career of it. Names almost all have Js and Ds in them. Statistically more likely to have dark curly hair. Monosexual but not all in the same direction.

As stars, become psychic, but lose it as soon as they merge with anyone else, and develop total amnesia covering the span between then and when they died. Generally cannot, while psychic, prevent their living geminis from falling into the utilitarianism-gone-wrong pattern.


  • Jackie
  • Jordan
  • Judas
  • Nudge the star cloud

September generally

Inclined to politics and achieving goals socially rather than scientifically

New Year's Eve (October 40)

Template: Alphabet Soup

In-universe book says:

Affinities: Enjoys sculpture and cleaning, good with animals, trusting, very sincerely focused on doing right by the people in front of them.
Enmities: Anxious, flakey, and socially prone to overthinking; alternatively, bravado-filled and underthinking-prone. Either way, impulsive.
Oddities: Their names tend to break down into pronounceable letters! Ex. Ariel (REL), Casey (KC), Ciel (CL).

Stereotyped as being emotionally immature.


  • Ian
  • Ivy (pet store)
  • Ellie