Stars, magic, and other bullshit


Stars are dead people. They influence things in magic ways, and all the other magic was made by stars. If you get high on a specific drug (omnilol), you can talk to them. They can also send specific people dreams, and influence events in other ways. A substantial portion of star power goes to swatting new species of parasites out of existence.

At first, each dead person is on their own, but eventually they merge together, frequently with others of their birthday at first. This usually happens pretty quickly: it is really easy to fuse accidentally, and gets moreso over time. Eventually, most people's clouds get merged into the One cloud. The One is quite powerful but enjoys being cryptic and obnoxious when talking to people.


Influenza is an illness that occurs at predetermined times depending on the stars, in different ways for every birthday. Periods count as an influenza (only girls get the physical symptoms of periods, but guys also get the emotional symptoms).


There are birthstone crystals associated with each month, which can be worn by people born in that month for minor benefits like nullifying influenza. Crystals can also be placed in complicated arrays, often with herbs, to do more serious things, like healing and power generation. (The power grid runs off of crystal arrays.) Placing crystals in array-like arrangements accidentally is very dangerous, and people who are not trained professionals should generally not mess with arrays at all.

Crystals that stay too long in an active array get very hot and eventually explode. After they are taken out of the arrays, they need to be recharged, and the recharge time depends on how long they were used for.

Batteries have very small delicate arrays that last for a very long time and do not have very high output.

Crystals secrete essential oils, which are also magic.

Water is mystically resonant.


Exists, is magic.