Some cats in Astrocracy have become sapient, because someone experimented with some magic catnip.

Sapient cats are concentrated in two places, corresponding to the two strains of magic catnip that were used: a forest near the town of Chelford and Londinium. They have developed distinct cultures that do not interact, and do not know about each other absent intervention.


This is the part of the setting based on the Warrior Cats books. Clan cats live in the forest and are fiercely devoted to the warrior code, including being independent from humans (whom they call Twolegs). They despise kittypets (sapient cats who do not mind being human pets). Clan cats are asexual.

The clans are ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan. Each has its own territory (map). On the full moon, the Clans meet at Fourtrees under a truce.

Clan leaders have nine lives.

Clan cats worship StarClan, which is to say, clan cats who are dead. StarClan cats can see the future a bit, and they can send signs, omens, and dreams to living cats.

In addition to learning words in a normal way, cats can also learn words by suddenly knowing them when they didn't before. The way this works is that StarClan cats know every word any cat has learned normally, and can insert them into the minds of living cats.

Clan cats:

  • ThunderClan:
    • Bluestar - leader
    • Fireheart - deputy
    • Cinderpelt - medicine cat, has a bad leg due to being hit by a car
    • Sandstorm
    • Brackenfur
    • Cloudpaw - Princess's kit
    • Snowkit - deaf
    • Smallear - oldest cat in ThunderClan
    • Yellowfang - medicine cat before Cinderpelt; exiled from ShadowClan
    • Spottedleaf - medicine cat before Yellowfang; killed by ShadowClan
  • RiverClan
    • Crookedstar - leader, dies
    • Leopardfur/Leopardstar - deputy, leader after Crookedstar dies
    • Graystripe - formerly of ThunderClan, Fireheart's friend
    • Silverstream - Graystripe's mate, died in childbirth
    • Mistyfoot
  • WindClan
    • Tallstar - leader
    • Mudclaw - deputy
    • Morningflower
  • ShadowClan
    • Tigerstar - leader; formerly deputy of ThunderClan (as Tigerclaw), exiled;¬†
    • Blackfoot - deputy
    • Nightstar - leader before Tigerstar, died of plague
    • Brokenstar - leader before Nightstar, terrible
  • Others
    • Princess - Fireheart's sister, a kittypet
    • Barley - a barn cat
    • Ravenpaw - formerly of ThunderClan, now a barn cat with Barley


These cats are instead based off of the musical Cats. They live in Londinium. Their part of the cat afterlife is called the Heavyside Layer.

  • Mungojerrie
  • Rumpleteaser
  • Mr. Mistoffelees