List of Fairyland Settings

A list primarily of glowfic settings featuring an onscreen fairyland, a character from said fairyland, or a fairyland that isn't directly shown but that affects the plot or worldbuilding. Links to setting pages/ tags on wiki, on glowfic constellation, and/ or individual notable threads or characters is appreciated but not required. Tagging this page with the settings listed is also good. Please list settings in alphabetical order within a category.

This page is a WIP.


Definitely A Fairyland

(For settings named as fairylands/ faerie or with named fairies, that are fairylands by WoG, or that are fairly clearly in the fairyland literary tradition.)



(For settings that have strong resonance with fairyland tropes/ themes but aren't meant to be fairylands. Spirited Away would count here.)


Offscreen Fairyland

(For settings with a definite fairyland that does not feature in any threads or affect any plots currently.)



Fun fact: this page is the result of a joke that there's 15 fairyland settings, followed by an attempt to count the actual number.