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Original and fandom settings in use in glowfic.

Decima Moiety: Heartsblood

General information

Information about glowfic and the glowfic community.

Sage/Nemesis Moiety: Vivid


A continuity containing all threads by Diaeresis, ChaosMagic, and Decima, plus some self threads ...

Wandering Stars

Anya and Sage/Nemesis main continuity


The foundational glowfic continuity, by Alicorn and Kappa.

Rotifer Moiety: Carbon


Continuity by Alicorn and lintamande, with a few guest appearances


Continuity by Alicorn and Aestrix


Eternal Lies

This is a Call of Cthulhu campaign that has been transformed into a glowfic. The GM is westwind; ...


Buffy the Vampire Slayer setting

with the time that is given us

Sunnyverse Feanorians and Imrainai continuity by lintamande and apprenticebard

origin of the diamond queen

Karens and Celegorms continuity by apprenticebard and lintamande


Setting from swimmer963's fanfiction A Song For Two Voices of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series

if the world can't be saved, I'll save it anyway

Leareth in Arda continuity by swimmer963 and lintamande


The setting of the Silmarillion, the Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings.

Effulgence worlds

Worlds in Effulgence, excluding those major enough to have their own book

Incandescence worlds

Worlds in Incandescence, excluding those major enough to have their own book


For threads without their own continuity. Related sandboxes can be grouped into chapters.

Fate - Anakin (Template)


A subtemplate of the Fate template, Anakin started as a circumstance alt of Anakin Skywalker, and...

Common Concepts & Terms

General information

Pages about concepts and terms frequently used in the glowfic community.

Fate - Anathema (Template)


Anathema is a sillier, more notably autistic sub-template of the wider Fate template/ group.

Lan Zhan (Template)


lightning peal


This is the corner of the murder girlfriends multiverse containing the "mixed with the lightning ...

ChaosMagic + Decima Original Settings

Original Settings

Original settings primarily or solely written by ChaosMagic and/ or Decima, which are too minor f...

Fate - Lionheart (Template)


A member of the Fate template group, Lionheart started out as Bellona Elric, a circumstance alt o...

Fate - Ruby (Template)


A member of the Fate template, Ruby started out as an original character. Burning Ruby Tiger Deci...

Fate - Hisame (Template)


A member of the Fate template, Hisame started out as Uchiha Hisame, a Sasuke circumstance alt, an...

Fate - Glint-Sheogorath (Template)


A member of the Fate template, Glint-Sheogorath began with a Skyrim OC, Glint, and grew from there.

Ares (Template)


Ares began with the Ares from Xena: Warrior Princess, and grew from there. Ares is almost always ...

Palpatine (Template)


Palpatine is a minor template written by Decima, which started with canon Palpatine from Star War...

Imrainai (template)


Minor templates


Collaborative Original Settings

Original Settings

Settings with two or more coauthors who 'claim' them or work on them.

Alphabet Soup (template)

Blazing Darkness

Xichen (Template)


Maitimo (Template)


Jida (template)

Blazing Darkness



Anakin Skywalker (calling-my-name)

Decima Fate - Anakin (Template)

"We all do the best we can," she says, softly, not letting her blooming this is wrong and I will ...

Anakin Skywalker (stay-awake)

Decima Fate - Anakin (Template)

Anakin Skywalker (stay-awake) is a glowfic character in the Anakin (Decima) template, written by ...

Lan Zhan (still-asking)

argona Lan Zhan (Template)

Nickname(s) A-Zhan, babji Setting The Untamed, gay ancient magic china ...

Lan Wangji (although-i-was-burning)

argona Lan Zhan (Template)

Other Names Lan Zhan, Hanguang-jun, Lan-er gege Setting MDZS Facecast Wa...

Lan Zhan (ten-miles-of-spring)

argona Lan Zhan (Template)

Other Names Lan-guniang, Lan jiejie Setting The Untamed, gay magic ancient china ...

Lan Xichen (for-the-sky-to-decide)

argona Xichen (Template)

Nickname(s) Zewu-jun, Lan Huan, Er-ge Setting The Untamed Facecast Liu Haiku...

Lan Xichen (how-generous-the-scene)

argona Xichen (Template)

Nickname(s) Lan Huan Setting Gay Magic Alt-history China Facecast Liu Haikua...

Akemi Haru

argona Xichen (Template)

Nickname(s)   Setting PMMM Facecast Liu Haikuan Akemi Haru is Homura'...

About Maitimo

lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Maitimo   Personality The eldest son of Fëanor. Like all other Fëanorians, Maitimo has a Thing...

Maitimo (Arda)

lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Maitimo/Maedhros   Personal History The uninterrupted trajectory of standard Arda Maitimos is ...

⠀(fast fairy Maitimo)

lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Timothy Way

lintamande Maitimo (Template)


lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Setting: Golarion Description: Khemet is the Pharaoh of Osirion. His personal title is Ruby Pri...

Sun Lihua (grave-of-dreams)


Nickname(s) Madam Lan Setting The Untamed, gay ancient magic china Facecast ...

Aitim Neli

lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Setting: Amenta


lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Anaander Maitimo

lintamande Maitimo (Template)


lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Matthew Allen (half-fairy Maitimo)

lintamande Maitimo (Template)


lintamande Maitimo (Template)