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Continuity by Alicorn and lintamande, with a few guest appearances

if the world can't be saved, I'll save it anyway

Leareth in Arda continuity by swimmer963 and lintamande

only that which they defend

Leareths, Maitimos, and Carissas continuity by swimmer963 and lintamande


dath ilan + Golarion continuity by Iarwain and lintamande

Room of Requirement

Fëanorians and a Bell in Hazel (1800s Hogwarts), by Alicorn and lintamande

Maitimo (Template)


Timothy Way

lintamande Maitimo (Template)


lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Anaander Maitimo

lintamande Maitimo (Template)


lintamande Maitimo (Template)


lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Matthew Allen (half-fairy Maitimo)

lintamande Maitimo (Template)

⠀(fast fairy Maitimo)

lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Maitimo (Arda)

lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Maitimo/Maedhros   Personal History The uninterrupted trajectory of standard Arda Maitimos is ...

Aitim Neli

lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Setting: Amenta


lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Setting: Golarion Description: Khemet is the Pharaoh of Osirion. His personal title is Ruby Pri...

About Maitimo

lintamande Maitimo (Template)

Maitimo   Personality The eldest son of Fëanor. Like all other Fëanorians, Maitimo has a Thing...

in color

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Fëanorian Amentans try to fix their world. Link Authors Alicorn, lintamande Thread Descriptio...

I've got a list of names

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Post in color, Amentans run into Hazel (1800s Potterverse) Link Authors Alicorn, lintamande T...

In a storm in my best dress

Sandboxes Amentan sandboxes

Jinx and Aitim Link Authors lintamande, Evenstar Thread Description Blue Jinx annoys Feanori...

as if you were blind

Sandboxes Silmaril sandboxes

Corbelan and Sunlight AU Link Authors Alicorn, lintamande Thread Description au Statu...

don't touch me

Sandboxes Silmaril sandboxes

Promise and Maedhros Link Authors Alicorn, lintamande Thread Description Status: complet...

bro you need to stop summoning demons in the frat house

Sandboxes with the time that is given us sandboxes

Demon Cam gets summoned  Link Authors Alicorn, lintamande Thread Description this just happe...



Templates: Keltham, Carissa, Fëanorians Settings: Golarion dath ilan Prerequisites: op...