Setting: Golarion


Khemet is the Pharaoh of Osirion. His personal title is Ruby Prince.

Khemet is a high-level cleric of Abadar, the Lawful Neutral god of trade and prosperity. He was chosen as Pharaoh because he was the best candidate out of all the descendents of the previous Pharaoh, who was his grandfather (a Finwë). Officially, for historical reasons, he and Abadar are the same person. In practice, he has Maitimo-level social skills plus his crown is a really really impressive headband giving him bonuses to several of his stats, but he is not a god and can't even communicate all that well with Abadar, since Abadar is not particularly good at talking to mortals as Golarion gods go. Since Khemet is very Lawful, however, he (and most of his family) usually try not to acknowledge this unofficial fact even in private.

Khemet is married to his Findekano, and also to a whole bunch of women. Due to the "obligate gay" thing, he has a really difficult time with the part of his job that involves producing heirs, though after some years he eventually manages.

Khemet is very good at his job, but it doesn't really suit him that well, since Maitimos love talking to tons of people and he can't really do that due to all of the laws about how commoners have to address the Pharaoh. Part of why he picks out so many wives for himself is that they're simply people he can talk to without this involving much fuss.

Khemet is going to be happier after he dies and can live in Axis and not be the Pharaoh anymore.