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The eldest son of Fëanor. Like all other Fëanorians, Maitimo has a Thing that he is outstanding at; Maitimo's Thing is people. Maitimos are extraordinarily good at knowing and understanding people, and also at persuading and manipulating them. A Maitimo's model of a person will very rarely be wrong, and they will be able to guess what the person is thinking with a fidelity that approaches mind-reading. Maitimos can use this ability to convince someone that the sky is green, that Maitimo is their best friend in the whole world, and that mass murder is the way to go, and readers are not immune to this effect. Maitimos are very good at ruling countries, because they know all of their subordinates and their strengths and weaknesses, and can throw the right people at a problem at a moment's notice. Maitimos generally have the biases and prejudices of their society on an instinctual level, though they can often notice them and work to make their society better.



Maitimo is originally from the Silmarillion, and the version there still gets frequently written.


Name attractors

Maitimos' names are generally based off of his names in the Silmarillion, which are Nelyafinwë Maitimo in Quenya and Maedhros in Sindarin. (Technically there is also Russandol, but that gets used less often in glowfic.) "Nelyafinwë" means "third Finwë" literally, and "my father's half-siblings are illegitimate" metaphorically; this is a meaning that gets used in non-Arda as well.



  • Obligate gay
  • Never belongs to the underprivileged gender
  • Born into a position of power (though how much power it is varies depending on society)
  • Strong pressure to keep his relationship with Findekano secret (usually because of homophobia, but not always)
  • Likes to know everyone's names
  • Awful things happen to him


Associated Characters

By lintamande:
  • Fëanor: Maitimo's father; normally a fairly acrimonious relationship because Fëanor thinks that people stuff is not worth Maitimo's time, and also for family feud reasons.
  • Nerdanel: Maitimo's mother
  • Maitimo's younger brothers:
  • Findekano: Maitimo's half-cousin and secret boyfriend
  • Finwë: Maitimo's grandfather. Maitimo is frequently considered or planned to be his heir.


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