dath ilan

Iarwain's setting. Originally created for an April Fool's Day Tumblr post, as a setting in which all coordination problems have been solved and people learn decision theory in school. The setting has evolved somewhat over time, and is now is Iarwain/Eliezer's medianverse. Some details of the setting in early posts/threads may not still hold for the current version of the setting.


dath ilan's name is intentionally lowercase.

Qualities of dath ilan include:

  • Keepers deal with infohazards and such
  • Wheat is not a major staple crop in the modern era
  • History was screened off at great expense for reasons that are kept secret
  • The ratio of sadists to masochists is extremely skewed, and so the entire concept of BDSM is considered an infohazard
    • Note: in early dath ilan threads, before the evolution toward being Iarwain's medianverse, the concept of BDSM was simply unfamiliar to everyone
  • Everyone gets taught economics, decision theory, etc
  • Society makes heavy use of prediction markets and other systems to optimize things

For non-glowfic posts on dath ilan, which do not include history being screened off, see dath ilan - LessWrong.

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