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(Character name [link to glowfic account]) is a glowfic character (in the [Template/link to constellation]; without a template) written by (author [link to constellation]). (Brief introduction. Suggested to include whether circumstance alt or original, plus appearance if notably different from icons)

(Character personality description)

(Template divergences description - what makes this character unique?)


Cluster: (cluster name)

Setting: (setting name/ notes [wiki link])

Other Names: (list of nicknames/ aliases with notes)

Facecast: (facecast)

Screenname Origin: (source of screenname)

  • (character with wiki/ glowfic link here. This is not for the character's relationships, but for different character accounts referencing the same base character - forks, child/ adult versions, timeline divergences, etc)


Development History

(What thread/ story the character was made for, what inspired them, any precursor characters. How the character's portrayal has changed over time.)



(description of backstory goes here, including notes on whether this varies between continuities)


Narrative Arcs

(if the character has any strong attractors for certain narrative arcs or themes, that can go here)


Powers and Abilities

(any capability the character has goes here, with notes on when these capabilities are gained in different continuities if wanted)



(notable relationships to other characters go here)

  • (Character Name (Screenname) [link to constellation]): (optional commentary)
    • Wiki (link)
    • Author: (author name - link)
    • Relationship: (nature of relationship)
    • Notes:
      • (notes go here - does this relationship always exist? is it continuity dependent?)


Notable Appearances

(Threads/ continuities and non-thread fiction alike)

  • (Non-glowfic fiction title [link]): (commentary/ summary)
    • Wiki (link if setting has a wiki page)
    • Author(s): (author list)
    • Prerequisites: (list)
    • Warnings:
      • (Warning 1)
      • ...
    • Notes:
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    • Notes:
      • (notes about the thread - like 'see X for reading order', additional commentary go here)