Wiki Wishlist

For features people would like the wiki to have, either in terms of easy ("please create this page") or more difficult ("please add this feature"/ "change this CSS")

Please sign your suggestions in case they need clarification.

Wishlist suggestions:

  • meta page displaying all tags that've been used, automatically updating (sorted by tags and tag values?)
  • A way to grab existing metadata on threads and characters (Setting, character lists, nicknames...) from the constellation, maybe by entering the relevant url, rather than needing to hand reenter it.
    • Would it be sufficient to have this as a separate webpage rather than integrating it into this interface? - Asterisms
  • A way to edit just the tags on a page.
    • This is underspecified, what does this do that Edit Page doesn't? - Asterisms
      • I meant like... a quick-edit button for tags? without leaving the actual page. It's definitely not a must-have, though. -Manya
  • A way to tag many things at once.
    • Would something like "do an exact text search on all pages and add tag:value if string is found" be sufficient here? - Asterisms
      • hm, I was mostly thinking of like... "tag all pages in this book/chapter with tag:value", but that might work - Manya
  • a pop up when activating a template for a page that warns you it'll overwrite anything already typed into the draft
  • A template for Table of Contents or other fic-navigation stuff. (-Cakoluchiam)
    • Example ToC
    • Include in template:
      • Source of the ToC (e.g., thread list, or fan-made)
      • List of contributors
      • Open text field (e.g. for describing the rationale behind the ToC)
      • At least 3–4 levels of hierarchy: (names customizable)
        1. Continuity/Series/Book (could be relegated to the title/header of the wiki page maybe?)
        2. Volume/Thread/Book (in the sense that in print it would be one bound volume, like a novel, ~50,000–150,000 words)
        3. Act/Section/Book (in the sense that a physical book often has multiple "Books" denoting thematic or temporal shifts, ~10,000–50,000 words)
        4. Chapter/Scene (in the sense of an easily-digestible/narratively-contained chunk one could read in a sitting, ~1,000–8,000 words)
      • Author(s) for each entry
      • Alts/templates (I don't know if this should be per entry or at the top of each page? Maybe spoilered? -Cakoluchiam)
      • Word count for each entry
      • Spoilered summary for each entry
      • Non-spoilered summary/indication of where the section ends, to assist read-alongs
      • Standard icon/indicator/format for tag permalink on glowfic[dot]com
      • Standard icons/format for permalinks to external sites (e.g., projectlawful[dot]com)

Wishlist suggestions considered completed:

  • Add Another Page button from an existing page
    • New Page button added below Edit. - Asterisms 14.01.2021