Tags: relationship

This is a list of conventions specific to the relationship tag, including a list of in-use or suggested values. The value of a 'relationship' tag can be either a specific relationship or a 'relationship type' (e.g. 'femslash) that's notably present.

Note: whether a thread/ continuity/ etc is romance-centric or gen should be tagged under genre.

When adding values, please also link the search for that specific value.


Values by Relationship Type


  • If one or more characters in a relationship is genderfluid, then use all applicable types (e.g. a female character dating a male/ female genderfluid character can be tagged all of 'femslash,' 'het,' and 'nbslash.')
  • Polyamorous ships should be tagged with 'polyamory' and then whichever slash type fits the links in question (e.g., a male character dating a female and a male character can be tagged both 'het' and 'mascslash'). Characters involved do not all have to be dating each other.
  • Tagging here should be by the characters' genders as actually instantiated in the thread, not by their template-norm gender.
  • Nbslash can be tagged for any relationship where one or more characters is nonbinary

The values:


Values by Specific Relationship


  • The standard format is "relationship: Template A/ Template B"
  • Tag characters by their template in alphabetical order. Only list them here if the standard tag doesn't follow "A/ B" in some way (out of alphabetical order, non-A/B ship name, etc).
  • If a relationship has a ship name in a format other than "Template A/ Template B," the standard value is "ship name (Template A/ Template B)".
  • Characters without templates can be tagged by just their character name.
  • Authors of the characters in question don't need to be specified unless there's ambiguity.
  • This can include tags for canon-character relationships which apply regardless of which authors are involved or if some characters are circumstance alts (e.g. "Wangxian"). Those tags can be listed here even if they're in the standard A/B format, since they're inherently unusual.
  • Add ships to the list in alphabetical order within their category.

This list is WIP, though (by intent) not all relationships will be listed on it.

Glowfic Characters/ Templates
Canon Characters