The Fleet

A collection of ships travelling through interstellar space, large enough to support a population of about 1 million humans. 

They are made up of 4 Great Ships plus 64 lesser ships.  A majority of the time, the lesser ships are docked onto the great ships.


The 4 Great Ships are Citadel of Spring, Column of Summer, Tower of Autumn, and Spire of Winter.  Each are built along the same pattern consisting of a cylinder that's around 3 kilometers long and a kilometer across.  They are divided into 3 segments which consist of 21 Halls, for 63 Halls per ship.  These are individually air tight, other than the 4 to 6 gates which connect them to adjacent Halls.


Halls are 1 km long and 150 meters wide.  Some consist of large structures such as stadiums, factories, or hydroponics bays. 

Most are residential, and those are all built in a similar design (the image to the right is a front-view of a typical residential Hall).  They have a central 'road' running down the middle along with a water-filled channel, rows of trees and plants, and bridges and ramps to connect the three residential floors.  At the 1/3 and 2/3 points, this central road widens into a pair of circular parks.  From bottom to top, the layers consist of: 3 meters of shielding, 3 meters of basement/pipes/wiring, 18 meters of residential space, 3 meters of soil, and 6 meters of space for plants.  The residential space is divided into 3 floors, though many of the apartment sections have been further divided vertically to provide more space, as room is valuable and relatively few people have daemons who need ceilings over 3 meters tall.

Each Hall has its own name and its own flag.  

The main way to navigate the ships is by walking (with electric scooters available for those who need them).  Teleportation is used between ships, but can be limited.  The great ships have some specialization, but are prevented from truly specializing because of how much teleportation it would take.  Shuttles are also used in some cases.  

Citadel of Spring

Known for being the most religious of the ships.  It contains where the Legendaries meet, and the largest and most impressive church and graveyard.  It is also the one which has the most rooms and accommodations for people with very large daemons.  

Column of Summer

Known for its shopping and entertainment features, and being the main ship for popular fashion and music trends.  The front segment in particular has a number of accommodations for daemons most comfortable in the water, with wider canals and canals running through side hallways and shops. 

Tower of Autumn

Contains a majority of the science research teams and the best colleges and schools.  In the first century of the fleet's launch it had been held by the noble house of Oak.  Also contains much of the denomination Church of the Sown Song.

Topaz Hall is the home of the remainders of the Oak line (Alizara, Azure, Zaffre).  Topaz Hall also contains an illegal lab with interdimensional tech and the ability to attach daemons to aliens.  

Opal Hall is 8 halls away from Topaz on the same segment.  It has a good library.  

Spire of Winter

Has more than the usual number of factories.  The Unification of the Gathered has its church and special farm fields here.  

Smaller Ships

In general, because the 64 lesser ships were built by countries other than Kanto they have a distinct feel compared to the large ships.

Aureolin Marsh - A ship typically docked to Tower of Autumn.  It has a slightly rustic and agrarian theme, with a large number of farms and relatively few people for its size.  


Technology is a bit better than Earth.  They have artificial gravity, but not FTL.  Holographic displays exist, but are relatively rare and flat-screen displays are still common.






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Flowers - The Dead World had only pokemon, not animals, and pokemon who were known to pollenate flowers are larger than bees.  This means that flowers would evolve to be larger too.  Because there are no pokemon, people with suitable daemons are sent to pollenate flowers on farms.

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Characters native to the Fleet

  • Verity-and-Araeneve
    • author = st753m, daemon = Suicune, template = Vine
  • Azure-and-Florentho
    • author = st753m, daemon = Galade, template = Azure
  • Alizara-and-Salanaya
    • author = st753m, daemon = Metang, template = Alizara
  • Iarlaith-and-Emerimis
    • author = st753m, daemon = Honchkrow, template = Iarlaith


  • Muiredach-and-Valaxa
    • author = st753m, daemon = Steelix, template = Mingjue
    • Older brother of Iarlaith.  
  • Angie-and-Damantira
    • author = st753m, daemon = Dialga, template = Diamondeye
    • One of the legendaries.  
  • Ochre-and-Elsecarel
    • author = st753m, daemon = Sigilyph, template = Elseca
    • A historian
  • Shiori-and-Veivenel
    • author = st753m, daemon = Rotom, template = Shiori
    • A troublemaker
  • Zaffre-and-Kerikis
    • author = st753m, daemon = Raticate, template = Professor Oak
    • A respected scientist, and grandfather of Alizara and Azure
  • Sunny-and-Penterhal
    • author = st753m, daemon = Drowzee, template = none
    • Guard working in an illegal lab.
  • Kerul-and-Ojiohlia
    • author = st753m, daemon = Liepard, template = none
    • Scientist working in an illegal lab


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