Setting: Daémon
Species: Human, with Metang Daémon 
Facecast: Kim Seuk Hye, plus art from the Pokemon TCG


Alizara was born to Nyanza, the daughter of esteemed scientist Zaffre.  Her mother died when she was 6, and she was raised by her grandfather and given the best education possible.  She identified as a girl very early, and was raised as one past toddlerhood.

Salanaya settled as a beldum fairly young, at 10.  Alizara had always known that she wanted to be a scientist, one which studied space and engineering for improving the speed and function of the ships.  Salanaya evolved into Metang at 17.  

At the moment when most threads are likely to begin, she is 19 or 20 years old.  She studies science, mathematics, and engineering, and has an apprentice-like position in the team studying FTL.  Though brilliant, she's still too young to be in charge of something that important.  Metang don't have any especially useful Moves they can learn, so her schedule is rarely impacted by being called on for them.


Very similar to any Alizara.

Alizara is a woman, straight, and trans.  Salanaya is agender, but uses she/her pronouns and the feminine variation of her name.

She has relatively few friends.  The people she spends her time with are mostly her classmates and her fellow researchers, though she'll tag along with her brother if he's going somewhere reasonably quiet.  She enjoys watching documentaries and listening to non-fiction audiobooks, and doing various word puzzles / crosswords.  



Salanaya has settled into the form of a Metang.  Their element is steel / psychic.  They do not begin separated.

All Metang move around by levitating.  They can't go more than about 20 feet high, and while they can carry things this slows them greatly.

Metang also have a natural resistance to moves which lower stats.  

Rock Tomb - Produces a few boulders of sandstone which fall and crash upon a selected spot.

Psychic - Telekinetically lifts and throws something.  Can be used to pick up and carry things.

Sunny Day - Produces a false sun which provides light and heat similar to a very hot day for a little while.

Flash Cannon - A laser-like beam of bright light capable of cutting things.


Capable of memorizing information unusually well.


Alizara is 5' 5" (165 cm) and has a slight build.

Salanaya is 3' 11" (120 cm)

Alizara has blonde hair, pale skin, and features which on an Earth would be parsed as probably Korean and which the Fleet attributes to strong Kanto/Johto ancestry. 

Like most Alizara, she relies on her Azure to handle picking out clothing that looks decent.  She does enjoy long dresses, and has expressed a preference for poofy sleeves, making her usual clothing similar to the typical 'princess' style dress.  As with everyone on the fleet, she wears clothing matching the color of her daemon - in her case steel blue-gray with white details.

Associated Characters

  • Zaffre 
    • Grandfather
    • Lived with him since birth, became her primary guardian at 6
  • Nyanza 
    • Mother
    • Raised by her initially.  She dies when Alizara is 6
  • Lazuli 
    • Father
    • Absent.  Exact reason not yet determined / written
  • Azure-and-Florentho
    • Brother, identical twin
    • Closest friend and confidant, they are nearly inseparable.
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Their screenname, Meteor Mash, is a pokemon move

Salanaya comes from a combination of Salamandra and Vernaya, the two first pokemon in Alizara Oak's team in FireSoul.