Setting: Daémon
Species: Human, with Gallade Daémon 
Facecast: Kim Hyun Joong


Born on the third of Firemoon, on a slower-than-light generational fleet between star systems, to Nyanza (mother) and Lazuli (father), then raised primarily by his grandfather Zaffre along with his identical twin Alizara-and-Salanaya. 

Though the fleet has stopped officially recognizing nobility in any capacity, he is a main-line descendant of the noble house of Oak.  As such, he was raised among the wealthiest social class of the fleet.  The grandson of a respected scientist, he was provided with an excellent education.

Florentho settled as a Ralts relatively early, and quickly evolved into Kirlia, then Gallade.  They received their teleportation license at 16.  Not long after, they performed the separation process which allowed Azure and Florentho to travel independent from each other.  This was important to become an emergency responder, as Florentho can withstand dangers that Azure can not.  

As of the point where most threads begin, he is around 19 or 20.  He is on-call for emergencies which require use of Florentho's abilities or moves in order to rescue people, and also uses his excess daily casts of Teleport to assist with transporting things between ships.  They take part time classes in government, and plan to run for an elected leadership position once they are old enough to have a decent chance at it.  


In general, compared to others of their template Azure-and-Florentho is relatively optimistic and well adjusted.  Having a daemon with emotion sensing provided him with a strong awareness of the emotions of others, meaning he is more polite and tactful.  Between this and having a daemon at all, this has also made him more emotionally aware and more in-tune with his own feelings.  

Zaffre prefers Alizara over Azure, as she shares his interest in science and research.  The Fleet as a whole also has a strong interest in anyone who might be able to get them FTL.  Azure has mostly come to terms with this favoritism, as he loves his sister.  He chooses politics and social influence hoping that he will have synergy with her work.  

While he isn't as intelligent as Alizara, he is reasonably clever.  In particular, he enjoys learning about how different people live.  Though he grew up privileged and rich, he spends a lot of time talking to people from every part of the Fleet.  He especially enjoys the different traditions and festivals going back to different places on the dead world, and the various religious celebrations and ceremonies and their variations between ships.

Azure is straight-leaning bisexual.  They have an awareness and general familiarity with the various kink clubs of the fleet.  Their choice in partners is considered typical for a Fleet citizen - casual sex as an activity between friends.  He's never had a romantic interest, and isn't actively looking though he does want one.  

They are very interested in competitive battling.  Once they finish their education and get a job in politics, Florentho intends to replace some of his emergency responder moveset with Moves that are better in battle.  

Media such as video games or movies only interest them insofar as they are fun activities to experience with other people.  PvP games or reading things for a book club will interest him, but solo games or books for their own sake do not.

His main hobby is fashion.  He also helps get clothing for his sister and any friend who lets him.  His preferred style is sharp but cool.  He is very aware of how different outfits and styles can imply things, and is careful to pick out fashions which say the correct things.



Florentho is a daémon, and as such has all of the standard features of that "species".  He is unusually durable, having an energy barrier which prevents any damage until it is depleted.  Daemons are stronger than species of their size are expected to be, and have much higher endurance than humans.  Daémon in physical contact with a human or other non-daemon sapient who is not their bonded physical half experience a complex reaction most typically summarized and interpreted as pain.  As Azure and Florentho have undergone the process of separating, they can be any distance apart without danger or discomfort, though being in two rooms at once is mildly unpleasant for other reasons.  

Gallade in particular have uncontrollable receptive empathy.  He can sense the overall mood of an area within 7 meters, and can more sharply pick out individual emotions within 2 meters.  Like many psychic type daémon, if Florentho is touched by a non-daémon he will uncontrollably pick up their surface thoughts.  

While Florentho can learn any move a Gallade should be able to learn, his most common set of moves are:

Teleport - The ability to instantly move himself and anything he chooses to within a few meters to another location.  Can go up to 100 miles away.  Florentho needs to have been to a place and deliberately have chosen to memorize it in order to return to it.  Can be done up to 20 times per day.  Intersecting anything other than air is very dangerous, and the Fleet has special landing pads with strict rules for their use to limit the danger.  

Hypnosis - Can cause another person to fall asleep.  Fairly unreliable, and often takes multiple attempts.  Can be done 20 times per day.

Life Dew - Creates a healing area a few meters across which restores the barrier of daemons within range.  The energy does not do much to heal physical injuries, but studies have shown that injuries also heal slightly faster when exposed to it.  Can be used 10 times per day.

Wide Guard - Creates a large bubble which blocks things from passing through.  It lasts for exactly 6 seconds.  Can be used 10 times per day.  There is a gap of a few seconds in between it falling and being able to be cast again.  Works perfectly against wide or large things, such as falling ceilings, but has the quirk of occasionally failing when up against a tightly-aimed danger such as a single bullet.  


Azure has blonde hair, pale skin, features which on an Earth would be parsed as probably Korean and which the Fleet attributes to strong Kanto/Johto ancestry.  173 cm / 5'08" tall, with a lean build. 

Azure focuses a lot of attention on his appearance, and dresses in fancy and expensive outfits.  Like everyone on the fleet, his clothing matches the color of his daemon (in his case white and green, with occasional red accents).  

Florentho is a standard Gallade.  Vaguely human-shaped, 5'03" 1.6 m.  White and green, with a red horn on his chest and back.  


Associated Characters

  • Zaffre - Grandfather
  • Nyanza - Mother (desceased)
  • Lazuli - Father (absent, not yet written/determined why)
  • Alizara-and-Salanaya - Sister, identical twin
  • Verity-and-Araeneve - Friend
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