Setting: Daémon
Species: Human, with Suicune Daémon 
Facecast: Angel Coulby, pokemon TCG artwork
Screen name: crystal-clear-water


She was born to the local Nion alt and an anonymous sperm donor on the sixteenth of Watermoon (approx. May 17 on an Earth calendar).  She was an only child.  They grew up poor, living in a single room in one of the less fancy Halls of the ship Column of Summer.  Verity often spent her evenings wandering around alone while her mother entertained clients.

She settled at age 15.  They'd been vandalizing a statue, and were running after getting spotted.  Various church groups and political factions began trying to get her on their side for various things, and this also attracted a lot of people trying to invade her privacy.  Azure befriended her in order to teach her proper etiquette for the parties and events she now had to attend, and was the only one she didn't completely ignore.  

Their education up to 15 was typical.  Because she settled relatively late and had no particular passions or skills for any field, she had been put in generic classes rather than specialist ones.  After settling as a Legendary, she switched to home schooling for the last year of standard school then began taking classes in law - the one non-religious thing Legendaries are required to do being to select and manage the Fleet's judges.  

Her mother died when she was 19, of an unspecified illness.  At the moment of standard glowfic thread start, she is 20 or 21.  Verity now lives alone in one of the large and fancy apartments in Tower of Autumn.  Her standard duty is to purify the canals and water of the ships on rotation, as well as participate in various ceremonies as needed and handle the occasional judiciary thing.  Her free time is spent creating or playing VR games and weightlifting.  She has relatively few friends other than Azure and Alizara.  


Is in the Vine template, and typically starts in the Steam-vine subtemplate.  As with any Steam-vine, they are unhappy and their primary guiding emotion is frustration at being trapped.

Verity is genderless, and indifferent to pronouns (default is she/her, mostly to avoid confusion with Araeneve and the plural they).  Araeneve is agender, prefers they/them.  Verity is pansexual, and typical for a Vine in what they want in a potential partner.  Due to their history with having to deal with gossip and busybodies after settling as a Legendary, they are less prone to casual hookups than either Vines in general or the average member of their culture.

She is an atheist and greatly dislikes both the respect given to her and the requirements of the church.  They regularly want to act out against various rules they consider unreasonable, such at the requirement to wear daemon-matching clothing.  Azure mostly manages to talk them down from causing any real scenes, though they do complain a lot.

She compulsively rearranges her furniture, and keeps large stacks of empty boxes around which she'll occasionally knock over and re-stack.  She likes not being findable and typically leaves her phone at home.  

Not being able to duel other daemons has likely had some negative psychological effects.  They are simultaneously overwhelmed with too many people paying attention to them and too many social things they hate, while being isolated from things they would like.  



Suicune are legendary, which means they are unusually powerful compared to non-legendary daemons.  Suicune in particular are especially 'tank-like' in how much damage their barriers can absorb before they faint.  Araeneve can easily carry Verity, and could carry or tow more passengers if not for the issue with daemon touching.  They resist flinching.

They can walk on water, and purify water which they walk on.  This goes by what 'should' be in the water, so they are able to remove salt that has seeped into fresh water while keeping the proper amount of salt in ocean water, and so on.  [it is undetermined how far this effect reaches at once, but isn't infinite.  Perhaps somewhere between 3 and 10 meters?]

They have an excellent sense of smell which is as good as a dog's.  This includes the ability to smell fear or sickness, identify people through scents, and track people across long distances.

Blizzard - A large swath of land is encased in a vortex of extremely cold wind and shards of razor-sharp ice for about 6 seconds.

Surf - Potable water is produced beneath Araeneve's front paws, rising up as a controlled bubble, then shot outwards in front of them.  Capable of spraying at a wide angle and with bone-breaking force.  

Reflect - Creates a force field about 2 meters diameter which causes physical things travelling through it to lose much of their momentum.  It hangs in the air where it's created, and dissipates after a short while.

Rest - Araeneve falls asleep, and in so doing quickly recovers their barrier.


Has some basic programming knowledge, and skill with creating simple VR games with whatever the Fleet's equivalent of RPG Maker and the like would be.  

Is educated in basic things required of a Legendary, including knowledge of the Fleet legal system and the differences between the religious denominations recognized on the fleet.  She also knows a fair bit about how water is cycled and handled.  


Verity is 6' 1" (186 cm).  She has a broad build with a lot of muscle and a layer of fat.

Araeneve is 6' 7" (201 cm).  A standard suicune.

Verity relies on Azure to do her clothes shopping, as she hates it.  Like everyone in the fleet, she wears the colors of her daemon (blue, teal, purple, white details).  She prefers pants rather than skirts so she can ride her daemon.  

Associated Characters

  • Nion - mother, deceased
  • Azure - friend
  • Alizara - friend / acquaintance
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crystal-clear-water refers to Pokemon Crystal, the game with Suicune as it's mascot, as well as Suicune's water purifying ability.  

Araeneve's name is from my fictional language of Setebran, created for the setting Murune.  It breaks down into:
 a- = negate, opposer, opposite
 ra = the gods, the will of the gods, the plan of the universe, capital-c Creation
 -en = doer, actor, one who does
 eve = wolf, predator, hunter
[[[[opposite of [the will of the gods]] one who does] wolf] = wolf who acts against the gods
It should be pronounced approximately ah-RAH-en-EV-feh, with the R being halfway between an R and an L, and the last sound being a short half-spoken puff of air rather than a full syllable. 

It is also a portmanteau of Ara (opposite of creation = Destroyer) and Raen (enactor of a god's will = Champion), two of the titles which the Murune Vine has used.