Uchiha Hisame (the-vicious-one)

Spoiled murder kittens. Surely a plague upon the world.


Uchiha Hisame (the-vicious-one) is a glowfic character in the Fate ~ Hisame template written by Decima. She is a circumstance alt of Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto).

Hisame is fairly outgoing and intense. She's often joyful - and also viciously sadistic. She greatly enjoys sowing chaos wherever she goes, and she gets bored exceptionally easily. She's somewhat addicted to the thrill of a good fight, and if she's left alone she'll escalate in power and challenge alike until something successfully kills her. She has no native concept of fights she shouldn't pick. Hisame also delights in breaking social norms and committing taboos, going out of her way to act 'wrongly.' She's naturally polyamorous and commitment avoidant, and it takes a lot to convince her to commit to one person (especially monogamously).

Hisame's sense of "the alt code" isn't entirely intact, unlike the default members of her template, meaning she sometimes will act against her alts. Still, she's default prone to cooperation (as long as her alts don't try to stop her from being a vicious whirlwind of chaos and death). She also is unusually willing to betray allies, including those she loves deeply, but she can be nudged out of doing so.


Cluster: Heaven

Setting: Naruto

Other Names: Tentou (in mixed with the lightning of slaughter)

Facecast: Ni Ni

Screenname Origin: the song "Backyard" by Of Monsters and Men. Her screenname is from the same verse as Naraka's.

  • Naraka (Uchiha Hisame (a-broken-one)) (wiki). Naraka is a canon divergence of Tentou.
    • Tentou has a circumstance alt of Uchiha Itachi as an older sister, unlike Naraka
    • Tentou is good friends with Uzumaki Naruto, unlike Naraka


Development History

Tentou was conceived of as an idea in February of 2019, mostly by mashing together 'Decima is excited for threads involving quasi-SIs' and 'Decima/ Chaos have a Naruto special interest.' Tentou bloomed from a brain noise into a character in response to the idea of a Decima meeting Guilty's Ira. Sasuke seemed like the funniest person to make a circumstance alt of at the time. Tentou initially appeared in If You Give an Eldritch Abomination a Sacrifice. The vast majority of her development occurred throughout mixed with the lightning of slaughter, however.



Tentou is raised by the Uchiha clan up until her older sister, Uchiha Itachi (a Chi template), slaughters all of their family except for her. This is called the Uchiha Massacre, and it occurs when Tentou is about eight. Itachi tortures her, but Tentou remains fond of her sister - and Itachi as such cautions her not to reveal that Tentou is inclined to side with her sister. At twelve, Tentou becomes a child soldier for her ninja village, Konoha. She befriends one of her teammates, Uzumaki Naruto. At thirteen, she betrays her village to join an enemy, Orochimaru, after he offers her enough power to stand by her sister's side. At fifteen or sixteen, Tentou kills Orochimaru and goes to find her sister. Itachi asks Tentou to kill her, because Itachi's suicidally depressed and because in their magic system if an Uchiha kills someone they love, their magic eyes will get an immense upgrade. Tentou delays for a while to spend time with her sister, then kills Itachi without regret.

When Tentou is seventeen or eighteen, an organization of powerful ninja from around the continent successfully cast a powerful illusion over the world - unknowingly making way for an ancient goddess who had been sealed to force herself back into the world. This goddess, Kaguya, proceeds to declare war on everyone, and Tentou joins the armies fighting her. In Tentou's default timeline, Kaguya successfully destroys the world (intending to use the energy from its destruction to make herself more powerful, so she can recreate it 'perfectly'). Tentou steps out of reality to avoid the universe's unraveling, and she kills Kaguya the moment before her full ascension, while Kaguya is weakened. Tentou then proceeds to go world hopping.


Narrative Arcs

Tentou generally has a constant tension between her desire for freedom at all costs and her desire to have loved ones and make them happy. She also has a subtle tension between her spite - which makes her react to attempts to even suggest she should contain herself contrarily - and her true freedom - which would lead to her ignoring those who would command her. She also gets bored easily and quickly, and her only skill for solving boredom is picking ever escalating fights. This often causes her to be surrounded by an increasing amount of chaos and death until she destroys herself - or until she finds a reason to learn restraint of her own volition.


Powers and Abilities

Tentou has the ability to use chakra to an incredible degree. She is most specialized in lightning and fire elemental techniques, in sword fighting, in sealing, and in fighting off illusions. She has rudimentary healing abilities. She is capable of moving and reacting at speeds humans can't easily track. She possesses a full Sharingan, which allows her to rapidly analyze the world around her, giving her a low level form of combat precognition. She has the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, which allows her to summon a spectral warrior to defend herself, to summon ever-burning black flames, and to put others under powerful illusions, and which won't degrade with use. She also has the Rinnegan, allowing her to use all of its many techniques. The most plot relevant of these is the ability to create human sized, temporary portals between universes, but she also likes to use the ability to create mentally synced clones of herself with all of her powers (except for some Rinnegan-specific powers).

During mixed with the lightning of slaughter, she additionally gains access to some shareable magic systems from other worlds - most notably so far is better quality healing from Skyrim.



(notable relationships to other characters go here)

  • The Keres:
    • Wiki (not yet made)
    • Author: Diaeresis
    • Relationship: Dating
    • Notes:
      • This relationship occurs only in the murder girlfriends continuity so far
      • The Keres is additionally dating Naraka/ Hisame
  • Naraka (Uchiha Hisame (a-broken-one):
    • Wiki
    • Author: Decima
    • Relationship: Metamours; Alts - Canon Divergence
    • Notes:
      • This relationship occurs only in the murder girlfriends continuity so far
      • Tentou and Naraka can sometimes get a bit competitive
      • Tentou enjoys teasing Naraka but is overall protective of her
      • Naraka is jealous of Tentou


Notable Appearances
  • mixed with the lightning of slaughter: Decima meets Ellie
    • Wiki
    • Authors: ChaosMagicDecima, and Diaeresis
    • Prerequisites: complicated; see wiki link
    • Warnings:
      • murder
      • mass murder
      • torture
      • torture of named characters
      • named character death
      • temporary major character death
      • serial killers
      • past child abuse
      • past child soldiers
    • Notes:
      • Tentou appears in the top post of this thread, and is a frequent character thereafter. She goes by 'Hisame' until the peal meets Naraka. However, see the lightning peal index for the reading order for the entire thread.