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Diaeresis Moiety: Moss

Starlit Skies

A continuity for OTC threads between Rockeye and Evenstar.


Settings which are based on Pokémon, a franchise by Nintendo which includes an anime, a long-runn...

Golden Core

MaggieoftheOwls and argona writing in gay magic ancient china

only that which they defend

Leareths, Maitimos, and Carissas continuity by swimmer963 and lintamande

Skylight Empire

Kappa/Maggie continuity

Star Wars

For George Lucas's Star Wars series, the variously canon derivative and related works, and fan-al...


Planet where people can copy traits and skills from each other. By Blazing Darkness.


Bells and Marri-characters continuity, by Alicorn and Marri

Rapid Nova

Saddes and assorted tyrians continuity.

megacontinuity: scholomance

Many authors

no cap, no gown

Scholomance students graduate into post-book-11 ASFTV, by NormalAnomaly, Alicorn, lintamande, and...


dath ilan + Golarion continuity by Iarwain and lintamande


The Untamed bodyswap time travel. Solo continuity by st753m. Complete.


Blazing Darkness's setting, based on Warrior Cats and... other things.

unfinished symphony

DSMP scholomance, by hearts and Catbird

Amentan sandboxes


Authors: Alicorn, lintamande, apprenticebard, Kappa, Evenstar, Red, MaggieoftheOwls

Fate Misc (Template)


Miscellaneous members of the Fate template group.

Candy Arda


Arda as written by lintamande (moiety: candy), primarily around the time of the Silmarillion.

Ezekiel (template)


Counterweight (Template)


MDZS/The Untamed sandboxes


Authors: argona, MaggieoftheOwls, SparrowSea, st753m, Alicorn, westwind, NormalAnomaly

Yao (Template)


Edie (Template)


Loves her family. Takes no shit. Angry Jewish telepath where available. Originally from https://a...

Emily (Template)


The Artsy Twin. Don't underestimate her just because she's chiller than her sister. Originally fr...

Anise (Template)


Orphaned at a young age and taken in by horrible guardians thereafter, her morality is initially ...

Elodea (template)


Polychromatic free spirit. Sometimes a victim, always a survivor. Friendly, sympathetic and resil...



Setting run by st753m. A fleet of generational ships travels through interstellar space. Thei...

Wen Qing (Template)


Wei Ying (Template) (Maggie's)


Maggie's take on Wei Wuxian from MDZS/The Untamed.



Setting owned by Alicorn.

Lucy (Template)


"a tiny bit unsettling but mostly adorable" Lucy tends not to be entirely human if she can hel...

Dandelion (template)


Intensely pragmatic, Dandelions are remarkably resistant to a number of social pressures most peo...

Eleanor (template)


Elodea's mom. She may or may not be aromantic.



An occasional Emily love interest. Name attractor: means "constance" in whatever language is most...



Compersive aesthete with weird intimacy stuff. Goes by a short form of an unusual first name, whi...

About Fëanor

lintamande Fëanor

Fëanor   Personality Fëanor is a genius polymath, though his specialties are linguistics and e...

Wen Ning (pureheart)


Other Names Wen Qionglin, A-Ning, Ghost General Setting The Untamed Facecast ...

within the soul you've stowed away

Sandboxes MDZS/The Untamed sandboxes

Characters from the Daémon Fleet are dropped on The Untamed. Thread

Jin Zixuan (pompouspeonies)

argona Minor Untamed Characters (argona)

Nickname(s) Zixuan, peacock Setting The Untamed Facecast Cao Yuchen  ...

About Nerdanel

lintamande Nerdanel

About Maglor

lintamande Maglor

Maglor   Personality The second son of Fëanor. An incredibly talented singer and musician. Has...

About Celegorm

lintamande Celegorm

Celegorm   Personality The third son of Fëanor. Bad at school and people, very good at outdoor...

About Caranthir

lintamande Caranthir

Caranthir   Personality The fourth son of Fëanor. Really into economics.   Origin Caranthir...

About Curufin


About Amrod and Amras


About Findekáno


Cousin and (usually secret) boyfriend of Maitimo. Not as good at people as Maitimo, but better at...

Uchiha Hisame (the-vicious-one)

Decima Fate - Hisame (Template)

Spoiled murder kittens. Surely a plague upon the world.   Uchiha Hisame (the-vicious-one) is a ...

mixed with the lightning of slaughter (thread)

Fulmination lightning peal

mixed with the lightning of slaughter is the main peal thread for the murder girflfriends continu...

Flat Arda

Arda Candy Arda

Arda, original flavor. Most similar to the Tolkien text of all the candy Ardas.

Space Arda

Arda Candy Arda

The Silmarillion IN SPACE! Endore and Valinor are 25 light-years apart, with Valinor as a binary ...

Evil Arda

Arda Candy Arda

A Flat Arda in which Melkor focused more on messing with affairs in Valinor, such that the Elven ...

I know how long the night is

Sandboxes MDZS/The Untamed sandboxes

Wei Wuxian peggy sues from his death to right before Indoctrination in The Untamed. Link Author...

Wen Qing (withinmyhome)

argona Wen Qing (Template)

Nickname(s)   Setting The Untamed Facecast Meng Ziyi Wen Qing is a sk...

About Hideko

argona Handmaiden Characters

Template Attractors Child abuse Isolation Being trapped in some way Need/tale...

Izumi Hideko (if-you-were-with-me)

argona Handmaiden Characters

Other Names 아가씨, Lady Hideko Setting The Handmaiden Facecast Kim Minhee ...