About Celegorm




The third son of Fëanor. Bad at school and people, very good at outdoors-y things and getting along with animals. Very loyal.



Celegorm is originally from the Silmarillion.


Name attractors

Names are generally based off of Celegorm's names in the Silmarillion, which are Turkafinwë Tyelcormo in Quenya and Celegorm in Sindarin.



  • Bi
  • Sluttier than his brothers, though still not very
  • Dyslexic
  • Very uncreative at naming things


Associated Characters

By lintamande:
  • Fëanor: Father. Fëanor typically designs fonts to accommodate Celegorm's dyslexia.
  • Nerdanel: Celegorm's mother
  • Celegorm's brothers: 
    • Maitimo: the politician. Celegorm loves him but is sometimes irritated with him for things in the genre of "caring too much about what people think" and "being too good at manipulating people such as Celegorm."
    • Maglor: the musician.
    • Caranthir: the economist
    • Curufin: the engineer
    • Amrod and Amras: the twins
  • Aredhel: Celegorm's cousin and best friend growing up, though in standard Silmarillion timelines their relationship grows more acrimonious later on.
  • Imrainai (apprenticebard): When there's an age gap, Celegorm is her friend and mentor; when they're the same age, they're a couple.