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Fëanor is a genius polymath, though his specialties are linguistics and engineering. His response to meeting a new person from a different world is to immediately try to learn their language. In standard Silmarillion timelines, he invents writing, and also is the creator of the original Silmarils (extremely powerful magic items).

He is not that great at getting along with other people and in particular has a feud with his half-brothers and their children. He is very competitive with himself, including with alts of himself. He is zealous in the pursuit of justice, to the point of making very bad decisions that get everyone around him hurt.



Fëanor is originally from the Silmarillion, and the version there still gets frequently written.


Name attractors

Fëanor's names are typically based off his names in the Silmarillion. Fëanor is his name in Sindarin. In Quenya, his name is Curufinwë Fëanáro.



  • He is born to parents with a lot of political power; if there's royalty in the setting they're royalty.
  • His mother, Miriel, dies when he is a child.
  • His father Finwë remarries and has two more kids, who Fëanor hates.
  • He has seven kids by default.


Associated Characters

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