by still other strands of things living

Author: st753m 
Warnings: canon-typical content, spoilers for the untamed/mdzs, angst 
Status: complete 
Summary: Jiang Cheng wakes up in the past in Wei Wuxian's body 
Length: 311 replies, 17,071 words


Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji are sent back in time, from the moment that Mo Xuanyu performed his ritual to the beginning of the Cloud Recesses study arc.  Lan Wangji returns in his own body, but Jiang Cheng is currently in the body of Wei Wuxian. 


  • Jiang Cheng x2
  • Lan Wangji
  • Lan Xichen
  • Various other characters from The Untamed


[link]  Wei Wuxian had been returning to the inn in Caiyi Town where he'd forgotten the invitation into the Cloud Recesses.  Jiang Cheng wakes up in his body, but is initially ill from the effects of the transfer.  Jin Zixuan finds him and believes he is drunk, reluctantly giving him one of the extra rooms to sleep it off.  

[link]  At the same time, Lan Wangji collapses while showing the rest of the Jiang disciples to their guest quarters.  Past Jiang Cheng attempts to help, and is attacked but pushed aside by Jiang Yanli, who suffers a minor injury.  Both Lan Wangji and Jiang Yanli go to the healers, led by Lan Xichen.  Lan Wangji realizes that he is in the past and sneaks away to try and see Wei Wuxian, who does not appear on the rooftop. 

[link]  In the morning, Lan Xichen is informing his uncle of the evening's events.  He is informed that Lan Wangji is on the roof.  They catch him, and Lan Wangji is set to be punished.  First, though, his attendance is required at the Salute Ceremony.

[link]  Future Jiang Cheng wakes and discovers that he is in Wei Wuxian's body.  With a lack of other options, he accompanies the Jin contingent into Cloud Recesses.  He makes it to the hall without incident, but is yelled at by his past self.  Future Jiang Cheng sees his sister, then watches the ceremony unfold, including the interruption by the Wen.  Lan Wangji watches him and is concerned over the change in behavior between Future Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian.  Lan Wangji attempts to speak with him, and only gets more concerned.

[link]  Future Jiang Cheng asks his past self for information about what happened with Lan Wangji the previous night.  This results in Jiang Yanli figuring out that he is Future Jiang Cheng.  He explains what he knows, then begins to summarize the events of The Untamed episodes 1 - 32.  Past Jiang Cheng becomes angry and starts a fistfight between them.

[link] Lan Wangji had been lurking outside and hears enough of the fight to identify that Future Jiang Cheng has possessed Wei Wuxian's body.  Future Jiang Cheng is brought to Lan Xichen to be exorcised.  This results in another explanation of the plot of The Untamed episodes 1 - 32.  Lan Wangji attempts to hide Wei Wuxian's crimes.  Jiang Cheng attempts to be accurate, but has a number of false conclusions such as believing that Wei Wuxian had mind-controlled Lan Wangji. 

[link]  Everyone (including Future Jiang Cheng) agree that he needs to be exorcised, now that the information about the future has been conveyed.  This takes time to prepare, during which Lan Xichen collects materials for the exorcism and informs Lan Qiren, and Future Jiang Cheng bids farewell to his sister.  The exorcism is attempted and fails.  Further attempts with variations also fail.  Future Jiang Cheng is forced to attend classes to keep up appearances while a solution is searched for.

[link]  Yu Ziyuan (mother of Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli) is invited to Cloud Recesses, as her whip Zidian is capable of driving out possessing spirits.  She is informed of the nature of the possession, as well as being handed a stack of secrets from the future by Future Jiang Cheng, for use in strengthening the Jiang sect.  She refuses to obey Lan Xichen's request and instead takes her children into Caiyi Town. 

[link]  While walking through Caiyi Town, they hear a crowd gathering.  There is news from Nightless City.  The Wen sect has been destroyed by an army of fierce corpses.  Future Jiang Cheng immediately knows that this must be Wei Wuxian's handiwork.  Yu Ziyuan decides to take Future Jiang Cheng back to Lotus Pier with her, though reluctantly agrees that Past Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli may stay for the lectures.

[link]  Lan Xichen is informed of the fall of Nightless City, as well as Yu Ziyuan taking her son back to Lotus Pier.  The cultivator who brings the news also brings news that Jin Guangshan, sect leader of the Jin sect, was at Nightless City at the time and has also died.  He in turn informs Wen Ning and Jin Zixuan that they are now the sect leaders of their respective sects.