poisoned by venom with each breath we take

Link: https://glowfic.com/posts/5325
Author: st753m 
Warnings: canon-typical content, spoilers for the untamed/mdzs
Status: complete
Summary: Sandu Shengshou and Lan Wangji go on a road trip
Length: 428 replies, 24,127 words


The remaining pieces of the Yin Iron need to be recovered.  One is in the garden of the Flower Maiden, one is held by the Chang clan, and one is with the Xuanwu of Slaughter in Dusk Creek Mountain.  As Lan Wangji and Sandu Shengshou have nothing better to do, they are sent out to retrieve them. 


  • Jiang Cheng
  • Lan Wangji
  • Various other characters from The Untamed


[link]  Lan Xichen finds Future Jiang Cheng and convinces him to go on a night hunt with Lan Wangji.  He also subtly informs Jiang Cheng of Lan Wangji's interest in Wei Wuxian. 

[link] Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji go to Yueyang and the Chang Clan first.  The piece is at the bottom of a depleted silver mine, and they collect it. 

[link] The second piece is with the Flower Damsel.  She can detect that Jiang Cheng is not the original holder of the body he is in, and speaks cryptically.  Afterwards, when they are staying at an inn, Jiang Cheng tells the story about how his golden core was lost and then replaced by Baoshan Sanren. 

[link] They fight the Xuanwu of Slaughter.  They kill it, but Jiang Cheng is badly wounded in the attempt.

[link] Lan Wangji brings Jiang Cheng to Nightless City for treatment.  While waiting for him to heal, Lan Wangji assists with Wen Qing's library.  He discovers the scroll on Golden Core Transfers and puts together the pieces. 

[link] Young Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian arrive in Nightless City.  They meet up with Sandu Shengshou and Lan Wangji, as well as Wen Ning and Wen Qing.

[link] Lan Wangji confronts Wei Wuxian about his golden core, and Sandu Shengshou overhears.  He reopens his wounds in attempting to question Wei Wuxian.  The Younger Jiang Cheng hears the story of Wei Wuxian's golden core.

[link] Wen Qing wakes Sandu Shengshou up.  She has figured out that he is from the future, though not that two of the others are.  They come up with an elaborate lie to hide that, and also that Wei Wuxian is responsible for Nightless City's destruction, blaming the disaster on the Yin Iron.  Young Jiang Cheng is sent to inform Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji of the conspiracy. 

[link] Lan Xichen arrives for a diplomatic meeting and to check on his younger brother.  They destroy the Yin Iron, but the process will take a few days and Sandu Shengshou needs time to recover as well.

[link] Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji finally realize that the other one loves them back!  They set a date for their wedding once the body that Wei Wuxian is in has a golden core, so they can do the switch without giving Sandu Shengshou ptsd flashbacks, which Sandu Shengshou tries to argue with but Wei Wuxian overrules him. 

[link] They leave for Cloud Recesses.  On the way there, Sandu Shengshou suggests that Lan Xichen should go find Meng Yao as a potential romantic partner, and Wei Wuxian suggests that the two Jiang Chengs can be a supportive team for one another after Wei Wuxian marries into Cloud Recesses. 

[link] Time passes.  Wei Wuxian gets his golden core, and they switch back.  Jiang Cheng attempts to implement a rule against premarital sex for the few weeks before the wedding, which Wei Wuxian easily finds a way around.  The story ends in a wedding.