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st753m Settings Run: - Daemon -


The Untamed bodyswap time travel. Solo continuity by st753m. Complete.



Setting run by st753m. A fleet of generational ships travels through interstellar space. Thei...

Iarlaith (Template)


Vine (Template)


Alizara (Template)


Counterweight (Template)


one of us is going to leave here bleeding

Sandboxes MDZS/The Untamed sandboxes

Mini-peal with st753m's future Jiang Cheng (choose-to-offend) crashing on is he alive or dead. L...

Nie Huaisang (I-don't-know)

st753m Iarlaith (Template)

Setting: The Untamed Species: Human Cultivator Facecast: Ji Li This page is specifically for s...

About Alizara (Template)

st753m Alizara (Template)

A brilliant scientist who learns to break her bounds to do what is right. Personality Initially...

Daémon (Species)

Pokemon Daémon

Daémon are based on the daemons from His Dark Materials, except that these work under different u...

within the soul you've stowed away

Sandboxes MDZS/The Untamed sandboxes

Characters from the Daémon Fleet are dropped on The Untamed. Thread

MDZS/The Untamed (Event/Trend)

Glowfic Events and Trends MZDS/The Untamed

Began Summer 2020, involving MDZS/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, and its live-action show ad...

making room for new regrets

Sandboxes MDZS/The Untamed sandboxes

Nie Huaisang, Lan Wangji, Jiang Cheng, and Wen Ning peggy sue back to the start of the Lan summer...

I know how long the night is

Sandboxes MDZS/The Untamed sandboxes

Wei Wuxian peggy sues from his death to right before Indoctrination in The Untamed. Link Author...

by still other strands of things living


Link:  Author: st753m  Warnings: canon-typical content, spoilers f...

we exhale on the blue diamond heaven


Link: st753m  Warnings: canon-typical content, spoilers for...

poisoned by venom with each breath we take


Link: st753m  Warnings: canon-typical content, spoilers for...

Jiang Cheng

st753m Counterweight (Template)

Setting: The Untamed Species: Human Cultivator Facecast: Wang Zhuocheng  This page is specific...


st753m Alizara (Template)

  Setting: DaémonSpecies: Human, with Metang Daémon Facecast: Kim Seuk Hye, plus art from the ...


st753m Vine (Template)

Setting: DaémonSpecies: Human, with Suicune Daémon Facecast: Angel Coulby, pokemon TCG artworkS...

About Counterweight (Template)

st753m Counterweight (Template)

Personality Ultimately tend towards lawful neutral.  They believe in the power of governments an...