we exhale on the blue diamond heaven

Link: https://glowfic.com/posts/4575
Author: st753m 
Warnings: canon-typical content, spoilers for the untamed/mdzs
Status: complete
Summary: Wei Wuxian meets up with the other time travelers
Length: 336 replies, 18,684 words


Wei Wuxian has just destroyed Nightless City and is on his way to Cloud Recesses to give Lan Xichen the Yin Iron and to check in on his siblings.  He immediately runs into Lan Wangji.


  • Wei Wuxian
  • Jiang Cheng x2
  • Jiang Yanli
  • Lan Wangji
  • Lan Xichen
  • Various other characters from The Untamed


[link]  Wei Wuxian has left the destroyed Nightless City and has come to Cloud Recesses.  Lan Wangji spots him in the courtyard, is hugged, and offers "Mo Xuanyu" food.

[link] Lan Xichen (who is very tired) manages to guess that the child is The Yiling Patriarch.  Wei Wuxian is informed that Lan Wangji is from the future, as is the version of Jiang Cheng currently in Wei Wuxian's original body.  They discuss time travel and Wen Ning, before Lan Xichen orders them to go to bed. 

[link]  Young Jiang Cheng wakes up and talks to Wei Wuxian, then brings him to Jiang Yanli.  They eat breakfast before the two teenagers need to attend Lan Qiren's classes. 

[link]  Those in teenage bodies attend class.  Wei Wuxian attends as a paperman. 

[link]  Class finishes.  Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng, Jiang Yanli, and Lan Wangji speak.  Jiang Cheng continues to be annoyed at Lan Wangji for attempting to stab him and not apologizing to him (though he has to nearly everyone else).  Lan Wangji agrees to play cleansing for Wei Wuxian. 

[link] Wei Wuxian's next goal is to learn to body swap them back, so that he is in his own body and Future Jiang Cheng is in Mo Xuanyu's.  Jiang Cheng is worried that Future Jiang Cheng might get swapped into his body, and is reassured. This leads to the information that demonic cultivation does not require a golden core. 

[link] Wei Wuxian becomes concerned that body swapping with Future Jiang Cheng might leave Future Jiang Cheng in a body without the ability to cultivate. 

[link]  Lan Wangji plays cleansing for Wei Wuxian.  While they are busy, Jiang Yanli notices that Past Jiang Cheng feels useless.  Knowing the feeling herself, she asks him to buy ingredients from Caiyi Town and then help her prepare her pork rib and lotus root soup.  

[link]  They eat soup together.  After eating, they discuss whether to inform Future Jiang Cheng.  Jiang Yanli wants to, while the men are skeptical. 

[link]  Future Jiang Cheng gets the letter about Wei Wuxian.  He wants to leave, because Wei Wuxian is too well known around Lotus Pier and his different personality means he's been effectively confined to his room since arriving.  His parents fight.  Yu Ziyuan doesn't want him to go, but allows him, and gives him Zidian and supplies. 

[link]  Future Jiang Cheng reaches Cloud Recesses, has difficulty entering, and gets into an argument with Lan Wangji when he is finally allowed through the gates.  He goes looking for Wei Wuxian, who sneakily follows him around since Jiang Wanyin does not know what the body Wei Wuxian is in looks like.  Nie Huaisang notices that "Wei Wuxian" is acting strangely. 

[link]  Class is let out and Future Jiang Cheng reunites with his sister and past self.  He finally finds out that Wei Wuxian has been trailing him all day.  He recognizes the name Mo Xuanyu, who had been kicked out of the Jin sect for incest. 

[link]  Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji study and start designing a spell for swapping Wei Wuxian into his original body.  Future Jiang Cheng is curious why he was sent back in such a weird way.  Past Jiang Cheng is once again insecure about his position now that there are 2 Jiang Chengs. 

[link] Time passes.  Lan Wangji notices how Wei Wuxian is dragging his heels.  He confronts him.  Wei Wuxian insists that he wants to wait at least a year.  Lan Wangji does not understand, but decides to trust Wei Wuxian.