About Iarlaith (Template)

A thus-far relatively minor character, though one which can appear in a variety of situations.  


Not terribly concerned with the concept of morality.  DnD alignment is tricky, and instances can be found throughout most of the nine boxes.  They can be easily anywhere from chaotic to lawful, and tend towards neutral or evil but not exclusively.  They prefer the innocent live in peace, but this can take second place to the guilty being brought justice.  Lawful societies are easier to manipulate and ultimately safer for them, but they are personally more chaotic.

The ideal life that an Iarlaith wants to live is one where they have the luxury of spending their time creating and viewing art and doing other fun pursuits such as video games or bird watching.  They don't like being the person who is directly in control, but do like the power to move things around from behind the scenes or have systems to subtly manipulate those around them.  

They enjoy beautiful things.  

All Iarlaith are so far exclusively gay.  So far all are male, but that's likely less mandatory.  They don't care much for propriety and will do what they like in romantic matters.  In d/s worlds they are very much dominant personality wise, yet are very easy to mistake for submissive.

They have good social skills, but don't use them to be popular or liked.  They would prefer to be thought of as silly or harmless.  A favored method is to be a notorious gossip, then manipulate people into trying to trick them into spreading obvious lies, which then reveal information about the allegiances of the liars.  They are experts at deception and keeping secrets.

Iarlaith are terrible fighters, though decent tacticians.  Their most likely place in a war is among the deserters or draft dodgers - assuming they must do something they are ideal in handling supply logistics.  They are neither competitive nor brave in the face of danger.

They are fairly intelligent, particularly with their excellent memories.  That ability to remember things is useful, but also means they can hold very long grudges.  That said, they tend to do poorly in school and lack motivation to stick with a single task if they aren't emotionally invested in it.  They are prone to hesitation and would rather risk doing too little than too much, and never overstretch themselves to reach something, because a too-subtle hint might not get the job done but a too-blatant one can give away the whole game.  They tend to be extremely observant.  


Began as an original character, very loosely based off of Lord Varys from Game of Thrones in terms of personality.  The first template instance was found in Murune, a merman necromancer who married Ara'Vine.

Name Attractors

Vowel clusters containing 'A' and 'I' in them.  Huaisang, Iarlaith, Elias, etc.  Preferably ones which begin with a vowel.


If they have supernatural powers, they are most likely going to wind up with area-manipulation affects which change the battlefield to their advantage, sensory powers, or abilities which allow them to move or bluff undetected such as invisibility or Mystique-style shapeshifting.  

They are more likely than average to be a non-human.

Associated Characters

  • Sometimes has a Nie Mingjue as an older brother / guardian
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The original name for this template was Elias.  It was changed to avoid name collision with the Magnus Archives character, as TMA was reasonably popular and well known at the time this character was being fleshed out.