Setting: Daémon
Species: Human, with Honchcrow daémon
Facecast: Ji Li
Screenname: rain-or-shine


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Born on the Fleet, and lives in Tower of Autumn.  His mother was the second wife of his father, and he has an older half-brother (Muiredach-and-Valaxa) from his father's previous marriage.  Both brothers' mothers and their father are dead.  His brother was old enough that he took Iarlaith in as legal guardian after they passed.

His family is fairly well off.  They are related to the old Rys noble line, but not in the main branch.  They have a decent house by Fleet standards, with 2 bedrooms and comfortable even for Valaxa (who is a steelix). 

At the point where threads begin, he 21 years old and in school to become a teacher.


Similar personality to any Iarlaith template

He doesn't have any major goals in his life, and even his career is chosen mostly on a 'eh, I have to do something, I guess?' sort of way.  Teaching was something that honchcrow-daemoned people are said to be okay at, and seemed like a better choice than the other options because he enjoys taking care of kids.  He's never taken on side jobs, not needing the money.

Iarlaith enjoys media, and video games in particular.  Hobbies include painting and drawing.  He has an ocarina, but has never been interested in creating or playing music, only listening to it.  He also enjoys listening to gossip and rumors, and having the front seat to any interesting drama.  He prefers to eat at restaurants rather than cooking.

Iarlaith is exclusively interested in other men.  He prefers one night stands, which is considered a negative personality trait by Fleet culture which insists that an emotional relationship such as romance or friendship should preclude such activities.  He carefully manages his reputation to be approximately 'shallow but not awful'. 

He occasionally enjoys spicy foods.


Emerimis is a Honchcrow daémon.  Like all daémon, he is more durable than a human.  Honchcrow can fly, have a natural resistance to magical effects which cause the target to fall asleep, and are a bit better than usual at targeting weak points in their opponent's defenses. 

His four memorized moves are Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Thief, and Fly.  Fly allows him to carry heavy objects (up to about 250 lbs or so) without feeling the weight.  Thief causes a painful burst of dark energy which can also teleport small objects to the user.  Sunny day creates an artificial sun over an area which lasts for a few minutes.  Rain Dance creates a small low cloud which generates water through rain for a few minutes over an area.  

Associated Characters

  • Muiredach-and-Valaxa - older half-brother.  Raised him after the death of their parents, and he still lives with him.
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