About Counterweight (Template)


Ultimately tend towards lawful neutral.  They believe in the power of governments and institutions, and when push comes to shove will ultimately choose to do what is lawful over what is right.  For lesser things, and especially for younger instances, there is some level of illegal activity they are interested in participating in so long as it does not endanger/harm others or risk serious consequences.

Their primary goal is typically to seek political power.  Counterweights are driven to be a part of society, and to influence it.  They are more comfortable in cities than in wilderness, and do poorly when separated from people they care about.  When they find something they dislike about the society they live in, they would prefer to change it through legal official channels.

Counterweights tend to be straight, though can also be straight-leaning bi.  Opinions on sexual exclusivity and such vary based on culture - they will not do anything they expect will cause scandal.  Above average interest in kinks, particularly power dynamics such as bondage.  Strongly dominant, in d/s worlds.  They have the potential to become interested in either sadism or masochism, though not as a requirement and not as far as many glowfic characters.

They take promises and oaths seriously, and care a great deal about loyalty and fealty both as something they wish to have and something they wish to live up to for those above them.  Counterweights prefer honesty and will usually choose to tell the truth, but have the skill to lie if necessary and do easily keep secrets.  

They can be very competitive.  Often interested in sports, dueling, or whatever their culture has as an equivalent.  They are often above average fighters.  

Nearly all Counterweights care a great deal about fashion.  Most have a strong interest in good food, though rarely themselves cook.  Gardening and botany are common but not universal hobbies.  

They have a strong sense of wanting to look proper when in a large group.  In public, they don't like causing scenes and are on their best behavior.  When alone, they are more impulsive.


Originally began as Blue Oak, from the pokemon video game series.  The first instance of this template was Azure Oak, who took on the role of the rival for the Nuzlocke FireSoul.  While originally only a side character to his twin sister template Alizara, he is more often written.  

Name Attractors

Commonly get names that are associated with the color blue or water.

Last names or family name is usually Oak or a synonym or translation of Oak such as Quercus.  


  • They always have another character who they are part of a duo with.
    • Many Counterweight have an identical twin in the Alizara template.
    • Some Counterweight have a Wei Wuxian as a sibling or adopted sibling
  • Most often born into wealth, and commonly as nobility.  Is provided with a good education and is often encouraged to become a scholar or scientist.
  • If they have supernatural abilities, they will likely revolve around themes of fire, electricity, telepathy, or communication.
  • As of now, appear to only be cis men. 


A common pattern for Counterweights are that they are often their guardian's least-favorite child.  This can lead to conflicting emotions in their relationship with their sibling, who they typically look up to but can also resent both at once.  

    Associated Characters

    • Oak family
      • Alizara, twin sister
      • Zaffre, grandfather
        • Zaffre always raise Counterweights who are born into the Oak family
      • Nyanza, mother
        • Dies at some point, typically before her children can form any memories of her.
      • Lazuli, father
        • Usually absent, for various reasons.
    • Jiang family
      • Wei Wuxian, adopted brother
      • Jiang Yanli, sister
      • Jiang Fengmian, father
      • Yu Ziyuan, mother
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