Jiang Cheng


Setting: The Untamed 
Species: Human Cultivator 
Facecast: Wang Zhuocheng 

This page is specifically for st753m's version of Jiang Cheng.  Others may vary.

Pre-time skip: Jiang Cheng (three-poisons) 
Post-time skip: Jiang Cheng (choose-to-offend) 

Aliases: Jiang Wanyin, Sandu Shengshou, Sect Leader Jiang / Jiang-zongzhu (post-Sunshot)


(This is almost the exact same biography as is found in Jiang Cheng's CQL canon, found in more detail on the MDZS wiki.)

Early Childhood

Jiang Cheng was born on November 5 to Yu Ziyuan and Jiang Fengmian.  He had one older sister, Jiang Yanli.  As the first-born son of the sect leader, he was the heir of the Jiang Cultivation Sect of Yunmeng.  He grew up in Lotus Pier, their home.  As a child, he had three pet dogs (Princess, Jasmine, Little-Love).  When Wei Wuxian was taken in by Jiang Fengmian after the death of Wei Wuxian's parents, Jiang Cheng's pets are taken away because Wei Wuxian had an intense phobia of dogs.  This initially resulted in hostility and resentment, but they eventually reconciled and grew close.

Teenage Years

He attended lectures at Cloud Recesses along with Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, Nie Huaisang, and the other people in his generation.  Afterwards, when the Wen clan insisted that the clan heirs and disciples travel to Nightless City for indoctrination, he joined them there as well.  While there, Wen Chao took his hostages into a cave where a monster called the Tortoise of Slaughter resided.  Using his skill at swimming he helps lead a majority of the hostages out of the cave through an underwater tunnel, then brings a rescue team to retrieve Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji along with Jin Zixuan.

In retribution for the escape of the hostages, Lotus Pier is attacked.  After the fighting breaks out, Jiang Cheng, Jiang Yanli, and Wei Wuxian are sent off to safety, and Jiang Cheng receives Zidian as a final gift from his mother.  They attempt to hide, but one day in a market Wei Wuxian is nearly spotted by a patrol of Wen cultivators.  Jiang Cheng creates a distraction and is captured and taken back to Lotus Pier as a prisoner where his golden core is destroyed by Wen Zhuliu and he receives a permanant mark with a discipline whip.

With the assistance of Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian rescues Jiang Cheng and hides him in the Yiling Advisory Office.  Jiang Cheng did not take the loss of his core well.  Fearing that his brother had lost the will to live, Wei Wuxian searches for a solution and finds one.  Wei Wuxian creates a false story which claims that his mother's master Baoshan Sanren can repair broken golden cores and uses this as a cover for the real method - Wen Qing transfers Wei Wuxian's golden core into Jiang Cheng's body.  

Jiang Cheng fights in the Sunshot Campaign - a rebellion of the other four great clans against the Wen.  He rebuilds his sect, retrieves his sword, and searches for Wei Wuxian (who had vanished after the supposed trip to Baoshan Sanren - captured by Wen Chao while in Yiling).  Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji work together in the war, and find Wei Wuxian together after Wei Wuxian's three month stay in the burial mounds.  

[Fallout with Wei Wuxian over the Wen Remnants]

[Wei Wuxian's death]


During the 13 years when Wei Wuxian was dead, Jiang Cheng continued to build Lotus Pier into a successful and powerful sect, as well as played a large role in the raising of Jin Ling.  To prevent the dangers of demonic cultivation from spreading and to seek out any information regarding his brother, he hunted down demonic cultivators.  

[Discovering Wei Wuxian alive]

[Stuff with Jin Guangyao]

[Finale and post-canon]


Compared to others of his template, he has a much shorter temper.  He lacks awareness of other's emotions, and isn't very good at introspective understanding of his own, either.  He tends to take things personally, and is unusually sensitive to anything he perceives as an insult or rejection.  

Because Wei Wuxians are much more chaotic than Alizaras, Jiang Cheng more often found himself in the role of restraint and caution.  Jiang Cheng understands the responsibility of his station; while his personal life has many issues, Lotus Pier under his command is a powerful and well-run sect.

Pre Time Skip

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Post Time Skip

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He is a cultivator of high skill, though not on the level of prodigies such as Wei Wuxian or Lan Wangji.  This means he has access to the standard abilities of any cultivator, including the ability to fly on his sword.

His sword is named Sandu.

Shortly before the death of his parents, he was bequeathed Zidian (also called Purple Lightning), a cultivation tool which can take the shape of a piece of jewelry or a whip.  It is a powerful attack, and can also be used to tie someone up in such a way that no one but another person keyed to controlling Zidian will be able to remove it.  Its attack has the property of driving out possessing spirits, though only ones which have taken a body by force. 

Associated Characters

  • Jiang Fengmian - Father
    • Their relationship is distant.  Jiang Fengmian always preferred Wei Wuxian, and did not believe that Jiang Cheng properly lived up to their clan motto.
  • Yu Ziyuan - Mother
    • Jiang Cheng closely resembles his mother.  
  • Wei Wuxian - ~Adoptive Brother
  • Jiang Yanli - Sister (older)
  • Jin Ling - Nephew
    • Jiang Cheng had a major role in raising Jin Ling after the death of his sister and brother in law.  
  • Nie Huaisang - school friend
  • Lan Wangji - fought together in the Sunshot Campaign, later became bitter enemies
  • never too far to look back: (wiki link)
    • Jiang Cheng is sent back in time from after the golden core reveal of episode 46 to a war camp in the early days of the Sunshot Campaign.  He works together with Lan Wangji (also sent back in time to that point, from years earlier) to rescue Wei Wuxian from the Burial Mounds early.
    • Authors: argona and st753m
    • Prerequisites: none
    • Warnings: spoilers for the untamed
  • Rewoven continuity: (wiki link)
    • Jiang Cheng wakes up in the past in Wei Wuxian's body (from the point where Wei Wuxian ought to have been revived, to the beginning of the Cloud Recesses study arc).
    • Authors: st753m
    • Prerequisites: none
    • Warnings: spoilers for the untamed, angst