About Alizara (Template)

A brilliant scientist who learns to break her bounds to do what is right.


Initially appears to be Lawful, or possibly Lawful Good.  They are stuffy and would much rather sit in a library or work on a structured project such as cross-stitching or programming than do anything frivolous.  

They are quiet, though not shy.  They don't say more than they need to.

Alizara want to be researchers.  What they're researching depends on the world - the Daemon Alizara is trying to build FTL engines, while the FireSoul Nuzlocke Alizara is interested in size-distorting technology such as pokeballs.  They can also be magical researchers if magic is more powerful than technology in their setting.  

So far, all Alizara are women, straight, and trans.  For d/s-as-gender-equivalent worlds, they are demi-dominant.

They do not care about food.  Their ideal way of handling nutrition would be to eat flavorless meal replacement shakes for every meal.  Their habit of creatively skipping "unnecessary" steps like cooking vegetables which are technically edible raw or not heating/cooling things or skipping nutritionally unimportant spices means that they are very bad cooks.  

Alizara are very intelligent, though not on the level of a Feanor.  They are especially good at math, engineering, and memorization.  They can read a book then always know the contents, though their memory isn't perfect for other things.  


Alizara's first instance was in FireSoul, a Pokemon FireRed / SoulSilver Nuzlocke.  She played the part of Red and Gold, though had an entirely new personality from them, designed to be more of a rationalist protagonist.


Alizara come from a wealthy home which can offer them an excellent education.  Their HRT or other transitioning stuff is handled early and with understanding from their legal guardian.  

If they have an associated element, it is usually Fire.  It illuminates, it is a vital technology, and it has the chance to destroy when allowed to go out of control.

Their magics will often include mind control, or buffing/empowering allies.

Name Attractors

Their names are based on the color red, or things relating to fire.

When they transition, they prefer to feminize their birth name rather than choose a new one.  Alizara from Alizarin, for example.  

Associated Characters

  • Oak Family
    • Azure - twin brother
    • Zaffre - grandfather
    • Nyanza - mother, typically dead
    • Lazuli - father, typically absent
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