Nie Huaisang (I-don't-know)


Setting: The Untamed 
Species: Human Cultivator 
Facecast: Ji Li

This page is specifically for st753m's version of Nie Huaisang.  Others may vary.

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Aliases: Sect Leader Nie (post-timeskip), Head-shaker (post-timeskip) (in the original language his title is 一问三不知, a more literal translation being "one question three 'don't knows'")

Warning: This page by necessity will contain spoilers for The Untamed / MDZS


(His history very closely follows that of his canon counterpart)

He is the second son of his father, who was a sect leader of the Nie.  When his father died, his half-brother Nie Mingjue took over both raising him and running their sect.  Nie Huaisang's childhood was spent in the luxury of a clan heir, and avoiding much of his cultivation training due to fear of the mentally harmful path of saber cultivation which his sect teaches.  He instead worked towards pursuits such as poetry and artistry, bird watching, and causing general mischief such as sneaking pornography into Cloud Recesses.  

Like the other heirs of the great clans, he attended Lan Qiren's lectures.  While there, he became close friends with both Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng and tagged along on many of their adventures.  He was also in Qishan for the Wen Indoctrination, though missed out on the battle with the Tortoise of Slaughter due to fainting from the heat shortly before they left.  

He does not fight on the front lines of the Sunshot Campaign, nor does he join the fight against Wei Wuxian before his death at Nightless City.  

Within the time-skip, Nie Mingjue dies of a qi deviation and Nie Huaisang becomes the new Sect Leader Nie. 

While in mourning, Nie Huaisang discovers evidence that Jin Guangyao had caused the death of Nie Mingjue.  Consumed by anger, Nie Huaisang sets out on an elaborate plot to uncover the murder in a way which destroys Jin Guangyao in the most painful way possible.  This is kept well hidden.  Outwardly, he is incompetent and foolish.  He continues the hobbies from his youth, this time as a cover.  Knowing that Jin Guangyao would be susceptible to the tactic, he plays dumb and often cries to his 'san-ge' for help with every minor inconvenience.  

In the hopes of gaining allies he befriends Mo Xuanyu, a bastard son of Jin Guangshan, and manipulates him into attempting a sacrificial ritual to bring Wei Wuxian back from the dead.  He leaves clues where the resurrected Wei Wuxian can find them, including the spirit of Baxia, Nie Mingjue's saber, which he left at the Mo family manor.  

From behind the scenes, he sets other pieces in motion.  He frees Bicao and Sisi to tell their tale to Jiang Cheng regarding the death of Jin Guangshan and the parental origins of Qin Su, and creates clues which lead Wei Wuxian to Yi City where they can find where most of Nie Mingjue's corpse had been hidden.  Prior to the confrontation at Guanyin Temple, he steals Meng Shi's (Jin Guangyao's mother)'s body and replaces it with a poison trap.  

On the night where Wei Wuxian finds Jin Guangyao in the Guanyin Temple, he is brought in as another hostage.  When everyone else is distracted by the various other disastrous happenings of the evening, he stabs himself in the leg and blames it on Su She.  Sensing the drawn blood of its bearer's brother, Baxia's spirit stabs Su She in front of Jin Guangyao.  Afterwards, when it looks like Jin Guangyao might be permitted escape or mercy, he tricks Lan Xichen into stabbing him.  




He has weak cultivation skills, and formed his golden core late.  He was trained in the Qinghe Nie school of saber cultivation, but intentionally avoided as many lessons as possible due to the mental corruption caused by the sabers.  He is decent with talismans and non-weapon-based abilities.  Being a cultivator at all, he can fly on his saber and heal from wounds faster and more completely than a non-cultivating human.  

Associated Characters

  • Nie Mingjue - older half-brother who raised him.
  • Jin Guangyao - initially a friend / assistant, becomes a hated target of revenge
  • Wei Wuxian - friend
  • Jiang Cheng - friend
  • Mo Xuanyu - pawn
  • making room for new regrets: (wiki page here)
    • Nie Huaisang is one of the four people sent back in time, from partway through the time skip to the beginning of the Cloud Recess lectures.  His goal is to prevent the death of his brother, and hopefully take down or divert Meng Yao before he becomes a threat. 
    • Authors: argona and st753m
    • Prerequisites: none
    • Warnings: spoilers for the untamed, and some for mdzs by proxy