Lan Wangji (although-i-was-burning)


Other Names Lan Zhan, Hanguang-jun, Lan-er gege


Facecast Wang Yibo

Lan Wangji is based on MDZS canon, in contrast to the Untamed: mostly a difference in the timeline/events happening around him. This Lan Wangji is identical to normalji except that 1) his eyes are gold and 2) he's a top.

Story Divergences

  • The Yin Iron does not exist, and so there is no Yin Iron-hunting bonding quest with Wei Wuxian. Lan Wangji attends the rest of the Lan lectures missing Wei Wuxian after he gets sent home.
  • His father does not die until the burning of Cloud Recesses. 
  • Wei Wuxian does not die at Nightless City. Lan Wangji flies away with him, and is later apprehended by Lan elders trying to protect an alive Wei Wuxian. Before this confrontation, Lan Wangji confesses his feelings to a feverish Wei Wuxian who deliriously rejects him. Wei Wuxian dies at the Burial Mounds after Lan Wangji is bedridden from his punishment. He tears himself out of bed and imprisonment to fly to the Burial Mounds and rescue A-Yuan, reopening his wounds and nearly dying from blood loss.


is he alive or dead - in which Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji both peggy sue to before the war and independently go berserk trying to prevent the other's deaths

one of us is going to leave here bleeding -