Lan Xichen (for-the-sky-to-decide)


Nickname(s) Zewu-jun, Lan Huan, Er-ge
Setting The Untamed
Facecast Liu Haikuan




Lan Xichen is the Sect Leader of Gusu Lan and the older brother of Lan Wangji. Argona's version, derived from The Untamed canon.



[Child hood]

[Sect Leader]

[Burning of Cloud Recesses]

[Sunshot campaign]




  • Lan Wangji (Brother)
    • Calls Wangji, is called Xiongzhang (Brother)
    • Knows his brother better than anyone, is one of the few who can read his emotions.
    • “Because he grew up with his brother, he understands Wangji the best. And he knows that one, their mother passed away pretty early on and two, Wangji is pretty introverted, and he lacks a feeling of safety. And so when Wei Wuxian appeared, I think the happiest person would have to be Lan Xichen.” - Liu Haikuan 

  • Lan Qiren (Uncle)
    • Calls (Uncle), is called Xichen
  • Meng Yao (Boyfriend/sworn brother)
    • Calls A-Yao, is called Er-ge (Second Brother)
    • Lan Xichen experiences falling in love at first sight, approximately, the first time their eyes meet. He likes and respects Meng Yao from the start, much more than Meng Yao is accustomed to being liked or respected. 
    • Their relationship becomes sexual after Meng Yao helps rescue and shelter Lan Xichen after the burning of Cloud Recesses.
    • Xichen is the only person who stays by Meng Yao's side consistently, the only person who ever stops Meng Yao from bowing to him. He is the person Meng Yao desires most to help and least to hurt.
  • Nie Mingjue (Boyfriend/sworn brother)
    • Calls Mingjue-xiong > Da-ge (Eldest Brother), is called Xichen
    • Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen knew each other from a young age. Nie Mingjue was Lan Xichen's closest friend and also his sexual awakening.


making room for new regrets - Lan Xichen is informed about the time travel by Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng. They bring him different accounts of the future, focused around different concerns. He works to protect Cloud Recesses and as many other people as possible in anticipation of the coming war. [Wiki]


  • The screen name "for-the-sky-to-decide" is quoted from the translated lyrics of Lan Xichen's Official OST Song, sung by his actor: Do not to cover my eyes, to cover my eyes will also have consequences / Even though love and hate is for the sky to decide