Sun Lihua (grave-of-dreams)


Nickname(s) Madam Lan
Setting The Untamed, gay ancient magic china
Facecast Ni Ni

Sun Lihua is the mother of Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji, married to Qingheng-jun. 



Sun Lihua travels for years as a rogue cultivator before she meets Qingheng-jun of the Gusu Lan Sect. They stay in the same town and begin running into each other on night hunts. Lihua finds him competent and a satisfactory night hunt companion. Qingheng-jun falls in love with her at first sight.

He is in town with several fellow Lan disciples and a teacher of his. Lihua discovers that the teacher has been leveraging the Lan's protection of the small town to coerce some townspeople. Soon after a confrontation wherein the teacher refuses to admit any wrongdoing, Lihua kills him. 

Gusu Lan wants her dead after this very badly, but QIngheng-jun does not, and Qingheng-jun is the most skilled of all of them. He gets to her first. Lihua is captured and dragged to Cloud Recesses and shoved through marriage rites with her wrists still bound. She is taken to an isolated house in the back hills and locked inside for the rest of her life.

A-Huan (Lan Xichen) is her firstborn, and A-Zhan (Lan Wangji) is born three years later. Lihua is not allowed to keep her own children. Because the Lan are concerned that her evil might contaminate their heirs, the boys are brought to her only once a month. Lihua is thoroughly miserable but loves her children more than anything.

She dies of illness when A-Zhan is six, at age twenty-nine.




  • Lan Xichen (Son)
    • Calls A-Huan, is called Mommy, Mother
  • Lan Wangji (Son)
    • Calls A-Zhan, is called Mommy, Mother
  • Qingheng-jun (Husband)
  • Lan Qiren (Brother-in-law)
  • Cangse-sanren


let the little children come to me - in which Lihua is able to actually witness her children's childhoods. Time traveling Xichen arranges a prison break, which allows her to go outside, hold her babies, and bond with some very attractive women. [Wiki]