Lan Wangji (listen-to-the-heartbeat)


Nickname normalji
Other names Lan Zhan, Lan-er gongzi, Hanguang-jun

The Untamed

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Facecast Wang Yibo

Lan Wangji is a glowfic character in the Lan Zhan template [Wiki] written by argona, adapted from The Untamed. Original instance.

Baby edition: A-Zhan



Lan Wangji is born to Sun Lihua on January 23rd, named Lan Zhan. Lan Zhan and his brother Lan Huan (Lan Xichen) are raised by their uncle Lan Qiren. They are allowed to visit their mother only for a few hours on the last day of every month, as long as they behave. Lan Wangji grows up under constant scrutiny and regulation, being monitored for signs of his mother corrupting him to her evil and lawless ways. When Lan Wangji does not behave as a young child, he is not permitted to see her that month. When he is good, he gets to see her. No matter how good he is, he never gets to see his father.

Lan Wangji's mother dies just after his sixth birthday. On the last day of every month he goes to her house and kneels in the snow for hours, waiting for her to open the door. She never does. By the time he is seven, he knows that she is never coming back, but he still holds vigil outside her door once a month. This concerns his Uncle, who punishes him for this ritual many times. Lan Wangji accepts each punishment gracefully, and then returns to kneel on her doorstep again the next month.

Even when he is young, Lan Wangji does not make friends easily. He doesn't naturally fit in with the other children his age, and he never tries to change this. He likes spending time alone to read and study and learn how to not make his parents' mistakes.  

Teenage Years

When Lan Wangji is fifteen, Lan Xichen convinces him to attend the Lan summer lectures with other students his age. Before the lectures even begin, Lan Wangji meets Wei Wuxian, first disciple from the Yunmeng Jiang Sect. Lan Wangji is instantly attracted to Wei Wuxian. He is furious when the target of his crush turns out to be extremely chaotic.

[Summer lectures cont., WWX bonding, Yin Iron fetch quest.]

[Burning of Cloud Recesses, Indoctrination]

[Indoctrination cont., turtle cave]

[Sunshot campaign]


[WWX becomes the Yiling Patriarch. Wangji visits him.]

[Nightless City, Wei Wuxian's death.]



Repressed, self-disciplined, deeply romantic, deeply horny, extremely stubborn. Externally pretty expressionless, easier to read the better someone knows him. Under the surface he is a deeply passionate and emotional person. Terrified of love until he goes off the deep end. Terrified of his sexuality even longer after that. Words are very minimal and formal. Graceful, efficient speech, when he knows exactly what he wants to say. When he can't find sufficient words for what he wants to say, he says nothing, or says "Wei Ying", or composes beautiful pieces of music.

He really likes bunnies and sword fighting and meditation and music. He loves Wei Wuxian and everything about Wei Wuxian once he gets over his panic. More of a sub+bottom than would be MDZS novel canon compliant.

Extreme lightweight; chaotic when drunk.


  • Wei Wuxian (Soulmate)
    • Calls Wei Ying, is called Lan Zhan
    • Love of his life
    • Crush > zhiji > source of widowhood > partner > husband
  • Lan Xichen (Brother)
    • Calls Xiongzhang (Brother), is called Wangji
    • One of very few people who can read Lan Wangji's feelings from his face. Often knows exactly what Lan Wangji is thinking. Lan Wangji sometimes relies on him to translate, without needing to speak himself.
    • The only source of warmth in Lan Wangji's middle/late childhood. 
  • Lan Qiren (Uncle)
    • Calls (Uncle), is called Wangji
  • Lan Sizhui (Son)
  • Jiang Cheng (Enemy, brother-in-law)
    • Calls Jiang Wanyin (out of spite)
    • Calls Jiang Cheng only when talking to Wei Wuxian alone (out of spite)
    • Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng are classmates > allies and rivals for Wei Wuxian's attention as teenagers. They bitterly hate each other after Wei Wuxian's death.


making room for new regrets - in which Lan Wangji peggy sues back to the start of the Lan summer lectures (along with Nie Huaisang, Jiang Cheng, and Wen Ning). He immediately dedicates himself to protecting Wei Ying and preventing his later death. [Wiki]

i know how long the night is - in which Wei Wuxian peggy sues from his death to right before the Wen Indoctrination. He immediately applies himself to saving everyone. Lan Wangji is injured and concerned and pining. [Wiki]

stepping in the same river twice -

never too far to look back - in which Lan Wangji peggy sues from two years after Wei Wuxian's death to the Sunshot Campaign. He and a Jiang Cheng try to save their boy. [Wiki]


  • The screen name "listen-to-the-heartbeat" is quoted from a line spoken by Lan Wangji in the original MDZS novel: If the face says nothing, listen to the heartbeat.