Lan Zhan (ten-miles-of-spring)


Other Names Lan-guniang, Lan jiejie
Setting The Untamed, gay magic ancient china


Arden Cho

Lan Zhan is girl!Lan Wangji in a version of the Untamed universe where only she and Wei Ying have been cis-swapped. A glowfic character in the Lan Zhan template [Wiki] written by argona.


Light and Color

In by your clear light and color, events diverge from The Untamed story at approximately episode 10. Lan Zhan is able to hide her fragment of the Yin Iron in a rabbit burrow at the burning of Cloud Recesses. Wen Chao tortures her for its whereabouts. Wei Ying (怕的鹅) rescues Lan Zhan, incapacitating Wen Chao and taking him prisoner. They flee to the Unclean Realm, where Lan Zhan recovers. Lan Zhan gets drunk and she and Wei Ying nearly kiss; they get together the next morning. When Lan Zhan turns out to be pregnant, Wei Ying publicly claims that the baby is hers by way of talisman experimentation and the two of them decide to marry. [Wiki]

Lady Wen

In talk less, smile more, Wen!Wei Ying attends the Lan lectures and breaks the wards on her way in. Lan Zhan is infuriated by her and terrified of her and falls in love with her approximately immediately. After Lan Yi encourages them to share Lan Zhan's headband in the Cold Pond Cave, Lan Zhan secretly considers Wen Ying and herself to be wed. Keeping this a secret, Lan Zhan suffers from affection and sexual tension as they quest for the Yin Iron together. In the burning of Cloud Recesses, Lan Zhan is taken prisoner by Qishan Wen. Wen Chao tells her that Wen Ying had planned all along to betray Lan Zhan and take her as a concubine. Wen Ying visits her in the dungeon and resolves this misunderstanding; they confess their feelings (and secret marriage) to each other. After assisting Wen Ying in a coup against Wen Chao, Wen Ruohan, and Wen Xu, Lan Zhan takes her official place as wife of the new Sect Leader Wen. [Wiki]


  • The screen name "ten-miles-of-spring" is linked to lines from Wei Wuxian's Official OST Song: I once smiled as I fought over a jar of liquor / And dueled with the most beautiful person in GusuAccording to the Genius lyrics page, the phrasing of 'most beautiful person in Gusu' references a line of poetry - "Even ten miles of spring aren't as beautiful as you."