Lan Zhan (still-asking)


Nickname(s) A-Zhan, babji


The Untamed, gay ancient magic china


Chen Junkai

A-Zhan is argona's Lan Wangji as a young child. Currently has only been threaded in a timeline divergent from canon.




Lan Zhan is born to Sun Lihua on January 23rd. Unlike Lan Huan, A-Zhan is allowed to stay with his mother for a month before the Lan Sect removes him. He is raised by his uncle Lan Qiren, but brought to his mother to nurse for his first six months. A-Huan and A-Zhan are taken to visit their mother only on the last day of every month, as long as they behave.


Lan Zhan is very quiet from a very young age. He usually asks his brother for things just by looking at him beseechingly. Lan Huan is the first one to understand what A-Zhan is feeling or communicating when he doesn't use words. He is by far the best at intuiting what A-Zhan is thinking just from his silence after being asked a question. He's also more likely to talk to Lan Huan than anyone else.

As a two year old, A-Zhan already cares about following rules and being good. He is very serious and adorable in his attempts to do all the rule-following things he sees Lan Huan doing, like meditating or folding clothes or sitting up as straight as he possibly can during mealtime. He still likes stories and toys and playing outside, though not with the other children. A-Zhan has several little puppets that he likes to play with, but his favorite toy is a soft rabbit doll he names Bunny. A-Zhan likes teaching Bunny new rules.

A-Zhan is very scared of being bad. If he does something bad, Uncle won't let him see Mommy anymore. If he does something really bad, they will decide that his Mommy's evil is rubbing off on him and he will never be allowed to see her ever again. Also Uncle might hate him for being evil. The older he gets as a child, the more consciously and thoroughly he abides by this fear. 



  • Sun Lihua (Mother)
    • Calls Mommy
  • Lan Huan (Brother)
    • Calls Gege
  • Lan Qiren (Uncle)
  • Qingheng-jun


let the children come to me - in which multiple babies are given much better childhoods than they receive in canon. A-Zhan (age 2) gets to spend time with his mom. [Wiki]

it takes a village - in which babcourt times continue [Wiki]


  • The screen name "still-asking" comes from the first line of the chorus in Lan Wangji's Official OST Song, sung by his actor: "Are you still asking?" Here this represents Lan Zhan waiting outside his mother's door again and again after her death, later echoed by adult Wangji's insistence on playing Inquiry for Wei Ying every night.